Creative IT Solutions times two!

If your small business uses a mix of Apple and Microsoft operating systems, you already know the challenge of solving an issue when something goes wrong – and often the inconvenience of having to call in two support teams.

Why would you want anyone in your corner other than a true team of professionals in both platforms?

Founded by Robert Phelps, who started Triad Mac in 2012, Creative IT in Kernersville fills a much-needed niche for companies in the Triad who need expert support for both Apple and Microsoft products. If your business often needs experts and quality care in both, get to know the technology team at Creative IT, and see why their present customers know they are in good hands. Robert and his well-qualified staff know your IT support folks absolutely have to be honest and reliable, as well as fully trained in their craft, and Creative IT is the only company in the Triad with experts immediately available in both operating systems.

“With not only experts in both technologies – but with two teams who work closely together – we solve issues every day for companies who run into problems because they run Macs and PCs together in one environment,” says Robert.

Their “team” concept is based on hiring individuals with proven expertise in their respective fields. Given that technology is constantly changing course, no one can be proficient in every single area, and it’s important to know the IT support group you call isn’t guessing at a viable solution. Besides Robert, the five-member staff includes the Apple team of systems engineer, Josh Spencer, and engineer, Marc Helke, along with the Microsoft team of systems engineer, Wes Edens, and engineer, David Pataky.

Kernersville has proven to be an ideal location for Creative IT, being centrally positioned to reach clients quickly, something that small businesses, in particular, know they can count on. These guys are your go-to for support services for servers, networks, Macs, and Windows-supported desktops. Online (visit their website at, these friendly experts provide a substantial amount of remote support, with an average of a five-minute response time for clients in a time crunch, when their business needs answers fast. Their commitment to not keeping clients waiting is a serious one, and many support requests can be performed remotely with their secure management tools.

If you’re wondering what Creative IT can do for your business, they specialize in the following services: server support, which reduces your spending, improves your productivity, and offers all-important peace of mind to answer the big question about what to do if your server goes down; managed security, which offers off-site backup, 24/7 monitoring, advanced anti-virus, military grade encryption, spam and phishing protection, and dark web monitoring; disaster recovery, including built-in archiving, data backup and recovery; and overall IT project management, from initial consultation to determine your best IT strategy, to staying active in its completion until your entire program is comfortably in place.

Client reviews overwhelmingly speak to the fact that your business will run seamlessly with the impeccable assistance of Creative IT. Other favorite “current” customer recommendations include their mission to update you every step of the way, with no surprises at the end, and a dedication to re-configuring their services as necessary, to fit your company’s needs.

Meet your true Apple and Microsoft experts at Creative IT, conveniently located at 851 Old Winston Road, Unit 109, in Kernersville. Call them for consultations and business support at 336-939-0284, follow them on Facebook, and visit for a glimpse at who’s who on the team, and an overall view of their professional services.