Davie Dermatology & The MedSpa: The Practice Where Medicine and Skin Care Go Hand in Hand

Good skin care is essential to graceful aging, and it’s never too soon or too late to give your skin the attention it needs. As you age, your skin encounters harsh elements in the environment which wear on your skin, making it drier, bringing wrinkles and other issues. But taking care of your skin is more than choosing which moisturizer to use. Having a caring professional to address any concerns you have, as well as advise you on the proper care of your skin, is an important part of having healthy skin for your lifetime. Davie Dermatology, founded by Dr. Suzanne Hess almost 26 years ago, began as a single physician practice with simple beginnings. It has clearly grown to be one of the most respected dermatology practices in the area, but it also addresses the needs of their patients interested in cosmetic-focused treatments as well, through The MedSpa, which the practice opened in 2015.

Simple Beginnings with a Dedication to Patient Care

In 1991, Dr. Suzanne Hess opened her dermatology practice in Advance, NC in a two-room office, happy that she had chosen a field of medicine that would allow her to do what she wanted to do, treat a variety of patients, with different issues and concerns, while establishing relationships with a belief that she would treat the ‘whole patient,’ not just their problem. “I chose dermatology because it offered me the surgical aspect of medicine along with the cognitive skill set and creativity that I felt I brought to being a physician. Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, I saw my dad, a family practitioner, making house calls throughout our community. He taught me to do the best I can for each patient with respect and passion for helping them. I knew that I wanted to also have a family life with my husband, Dr. Mark Hess, now retired, and our children. Having my own practice helped me have both a professional and personal life. I can truly say that I have never looked back or regretted my decision. I am exactly where God wanted me to be,” recalled Dr. Hess. Today, Davie Dermatology has been in their current location since May 2008. Dr. Tracie Bryson joined the practice in 2002 and Dr. Kelly Barham in 2007, as well as Physician Assistants, Carol Grabow, Kelly Crawford, Stephanie Neel and Debra Sizemore.

Drs. Bryson and Barham came to the practice by different routes, but each shares the same belief as Dr. Hess that the staff in place are at Davie Dermatology because ‘it was truly meant to be.’

A Shared Passion

“From the day I started, I have believed that God has provided and brought our staff together. Suzanne and I connected through a mutual mentor who encouraged me to contact her when I was moving back to the area after finishing up my residency in Missouri. We connected immediately with our shared beliefs in patient care and roles as wives and moms. I love what I do, and I am thankful for the practice that Suzanne started, and I am blessed to be a part of it,” Dr. Bryson said. Five years later Dr. Barham joined Davie Dermatology.

“While in medical school I had a dermatology rotation with Suzanne and something about that experience stayed with me when I was trying to decide on choosing a specialty. As physicians, we generally have a healthy and happy patient population, and the three of us believe that our patients are an extension of our families. Dermatology is a specialty that, as a physician, you are fortunate to have patients over their lifetime. We may see a patient as a teen for acne, then as a college student, all the way to them showing us a photo of their grandchild and that is a trust and a relationship that we do not take lightly. I look to Suzanne and Tracie not only as physicians, but as women who are trying to balance work and family, so they are mentors, too. We believe that we treat the person, not the condition and strive to provide the level of care that we would want our own family to have,” commented Dr. Barham. To better provide their patients with not only the care they need, but the treatments they want, Davie Dermatology expanded their services with The MedSpa.

The MedSpa

Davie Dermatology & The MedSpa are focused on meeting the needs of their patients. “At The MedSpa, our patients enjoy treatments that have genuine medical value, as well as long-lasting aesthetic benefits. Our medical aesthetician, Jessica Shea, and Debra Sizemore, PA-C, are under the supervision of us as physicians, offering many treatments and procedures. Having the dermatological practice and MedSpa within the same office has many benefits to our patients. Debra and Jessica can consult with any of us and the other PAs regarding patient care, with each of us being abreast of any treatments and having input on those options. Treatments are incorporated into the medical and surgical procedures to enhance the outcomes. There is a collaboration between physician and aesthetician which contrasts with what people might think of as a traditional spa where treatments may be used by technicians with little training and no medical supervision. We all work together to give our patients the best possible outcome and experience, whether they see one of the physicians, PAs or aestheticians,” Dr. Hess stated. The physicians at Davie Dermatology & The MedSpa have high standards in patient care which extend to their choice of staff.

“The expertise of Physician Assistants Kelly Crawford and Carol Grabow with cosmetic procedures like Botox and injectable fillers is amazing. As physicians, we have high standards and are detailed on how things are done in the practice. We review our patients’ records and know what procedures patients are having. Physician Assistant Stephanie Neel practices General Dermatology, graduating among the top preceptors in the country, and can work patients in that maybe we aren’t able to see as quickly with our schedules. Physician Assistant Debra Sizemore has more than 15 years of experience with lasers, for those patients having those types of treatments. We couldn’t be happier with the staff we have in place and go to work every day knowing that we are truly blessed to be doing what we love, serving patients that are family to us,” commented Dr. Hess.

Davie Dermatology & The MedSpa are located at 108 Dornach Way in Advance, NC. For more information, call 336-940-2407 or visit daviedermatology.com. You can also ‘like’ the practice at facebook.com/daviederm and follow the practice at twitter.com/davie_derm or instagram.com/davie.dermatology.