A Day in the Life of… a Forsyth Magazine Distributor

Brooke Eagle pulled her car into the gated storage facility. Though the sky was painful to the eyes, there was no sun in sight. Instead, a thickly spread layer of clouds cast an even brilliance over her familiar environment.

She parked her car and got out, immediately feeling the spray of shredded raindrops on her face and bare arms; she had forgotten a raincoat and was left to deal with the spring rain with a gray “Team Forsyth Mags” t-shirt.

The storage shed was like any other; a large nondescript space with an oversized garage door. Brooke unlocked it and set the small wooden ramp against the ledge. Other than a couple of metal shelves that stacked more than 10 years worth of magazine paraphernalia and promotional items, the shed was empty. For now, at least.

Within a few minutes, Brooke was not alone. Keela Johnson, the publisher of Forsyth Woman, and Robin Bralley, the publisher of Forsyth Family, had arrived. Together, the three of them waited for Steve, their delivery driver. He was the man responsible for delivering tens of thousands of copies of Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family magazines each month.

Greetings were made as Steve rode with the first pallet down the delivery truck’s lift gate. Brooke, who had donned a borrowed raincoat, stood waiting as the pallet rolled off the lift gate,“Ok, go, go, go!” said Steve. The women pushed the heavy pallet up the ramp and under the cover of the storage unit.

“Watch your toes, everyone,” continued Steve and he released the pallet jack. Two thousand pounds of Forsyth Family magazines landed with a heavy thud on the concrete floor.

Next came Forsyth Woman magazine, and Keela rushed over to perform her routine check of a random copy. “Feel better?” asked Brooke as she watched her skim through the magazine.

“I like to know everything is in place,” replied Keela, satisfied with her quick quality inspection.

On a normal delivery day, that would be it. However, this was a special delivery month with Forsyth Woman Engaged! arriving, too. The storage shed was too small to hold all of the usual pallets plus a six-month supply of the wedding magazine, so after the shed was too full, Brooke organized the group into an assembly line and began manually unloading the bundles one by one into the corners and shelves.

“There’s nothing like a rainy day delivery to make you move faster,” said Brooke. The team laughed and proceeded to the remaining pallet covered with a blue tarp. “Keela, can you hold the tarp up on one side?” asked Brooke as she mopped the rain off her face. “I’ll pull the car over,” she said as the three of them waved goodbye to Steve; his job was done.

Once all the magazines were out of the rain, the ladies began the process of getting their cars loaded to start distribution. Robin opened the back door and climbed in, and Brooke handed 10-pound bundles to her while Robin arranged them on the car floor in as efficient a manner as possible.

Robin and Keela, each driving a magazine-laden car, caravanned behind Brooke out of the storage facility before splitting off into various directions. Brooke arrived in time for the Chick-fil-a lunch bustle. She had barely begun setting out the new magazines before people began to gather, eager to get their hands on the new issues. Brooke filled up the rack, knowing the work had only just begun. While she would deliver her share, distribution was definitely a team effort that extended far beyond hers, Keela and Robin’s abilities. Christi, Kelly, Wayne, Erica, Kari, Morgan, Lisa, Tamara…so many members of the distribution team enable readers across Forsyth County and the surrounding areas to pick up their own copies of Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family. Brooke smiled to herself and backed out of her space. Places to go, and racks to fill. It was all a day in the life of a magazine distributor.