Dear Computer…

Dear Computer,

I think it’s fair to say we have a complicated relationship. I spend hours upon hours with you, Tablet and iPhone. You’re all critical parts of my life — both business and personal. At times, I want to run away from my digital life, leave you all behind and find a truly wireless place. But, you know I can’t. You’re too much a part of my world. Every day, I stare at you, but as much as I’ve tried to deny it, you’re hurting me. My eyes are tired. My neck hurts. My shoulders ache.

My eye doctor, Juawana Hall of Hillcrest Vision, thinks it may be you. Apparently, your screen has a big impact on my health. My eyes are dried out and feel blurry by the end of the day. Your lighted screen is making my eyes work twice as hard.

Look, if anyone knows how hard I work, you do! You’re with me around the clock…helping me check email, Facebook and handle a million different projects. But, I imagine that with a few changes, we might make a better team. I really think we could be more productive. Dr. Hall has recommended anti-fatigue lenses. If it’s something that’s going to help us during difficult days, I’m all for it.

I know that you don’t mean to make me uncomfortable. It’s just in the way you’re designed! I get it. The technology that makes you who you are wasn’t considered a problem until recently. When your cousin, the Kindle, introduced the paper white backlight, it really benefited so many people. I wish you had that quality, but I also know…I can’t change who you are. Maybe the technology is there, and I simply don’t know about it. Who knows? I know I can’t afford to find out, as I’m not interested in replacing you. You’re expensive, but we’ve still got years ahead of us. It all boils down to changes I need to make for myself…changes I need to be willing to make if we’re going to continue to spend time together in a healthy way.

Another thing, Dr. Hall suggested that I try out the 20/20/20 rule. She’s right. I really do need a break. Every 20 minutes, I’m going to look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. I really think this is going to work wonders.

Don’t be mad at her (she really does have our best interests at heart!), Dr. Hall recommended ditching the Visine and trying natural tears, such as Systane or Refresh. I know you and Visine are buddy-buddy since the two of you share a desk (and briefcase when you leave the house with me). Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the company of a healthier option that will refresh my eyes naturally.

See? I think we have some clear solutions to our problems! It’s only a matter of looking at things differently and being flexible enough to make a few small changes! Dr. Hall is so great; she really wants to help us make our relationship work.

Until then,
Warmly Yours,


Digital eyestrain can be resolved with the use of either of the following tools — anti-fatigue lenses or computer lenses. For those who have single-vision issues (i.e. are near sighted), anti-fatigue lenses help eyes relax when they are hyper-focused on the glare of an electronic screen. They have proven to help relieve tiredness and headaches. For those who wear transition lenses, computer lenses may be the way to go! As the intermediate area of transition lenses aren’t quite large enough to help focus, computer lenses expand this area, with just enough room in the bottom to help with smaller print.


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