Delana Newsom, Realtor Knowing Your Market…Can Change ‘How’ You Market



Real estate is a service-oriented business, and the most successful realtors are those who use marketing as the foundation of their business. After all, the market is more competitive than ever, with buyers turning to a myriad of resources to learn about a potential property. Delana Newsom has years of experience in listing and selling homes. Finding an agent who views marketing as a priority and, moreover, has the team in place to make it a happen, is a must! After all, a realtor is not an island – there are a lot of moving parts to the equation, whether you’re buying or selling or both! “The team approach allows us to serve individuals and families much better!” shares Delana. “It’s not effective to try to do it on your own. My ‘ah-ha!’ moment came when I realized I couldn’t be everything to everyone. I began to assemble a team of trusted professionals who can supplement my weaknesses with their strengths, and likewise, my strengths can complement them! Everybody on the team shines in a particular area.

“I am blessed to have a team with diverse talents. Kim, for instance, is a phenomenal buyer’s agent and has a personality that brings peace of mind to this enormous purchase, especially for a first-time homebuyer. Marty, on the other hand, is exceptional at working with investors. Playing to the strengths of our team members, plus the strengths of our marketing coordinator, Jillian, means we bring the best of our talents to our clients.”

Delana is an advocate for investing in her clients. For sellers, that means proper marketing of their homes, but also means making sure the best person is in place to take the lead. “While the team as a whole is invested in each contract (we are there to support one another), the individual needs of the client determine who is the best match to act as liaison for the purchase or sale.”

For instance, a buyer is full of energy and excitement; they are in the market for their dream home. “Let’s face it, shopping for a home is much more fun than selling a home, especially when so much is unknown, stress, and anxiety,” said Delana. “To that end, a seller needs an agent who can handle their concerns and questions with empathy. Our team can handle the highs and lows of home buying and home selling.

“And we’re growing stronger! While Kim, Marty, and I are the active realtors on our team, Jillian is expanding her talents and will soon be an amazing buyer’s agent. While her focus now is on marketing and branding, as well as keeping us all incredibly organized, Jillian is on the road to being another valuable resource to our clients.”

Delana also brings her background in art and design to her business model. “I cut my teeth on new construction,” said Delana. Therefore, she can provide design input and also evaluate the quality of construction. “I can explain to buyers about the value of what is being put into a new home.” Her knowledge can also empower perspective homeowners when it comes to fixer-uppers.

Her clients sing her praises with accolades that include, “Working with Delana was impressive and she was a true professional…she was able to comp out the best price for an aggressive sale. We sold in less than one week and working with her team was amazing and very helpful. I would highly recommend using Delana Newsom.” Another recent client raved, “We absolutely loved working with Delana and her team. Delana was very patient with us as we looked for a home and never gave us the pressure sell. She also has a great eye for remodeling! When it came time to close, her team worked behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly.”

Statistics show that most people hire the first realtor they spend significant time with. However, choosing the person who will look out for your best interest in the biggest purchase or sale you’re likely to make is something that should never be taken lightly. Buyers and sellers need to educate themselves on who is qualified to represent them in real estate. Can the realtor afford to properly market the home? What negotiating skills do they have? “I encourage potential buyers and sellers to ask a lot of questions! A great realtor isn’t going to be offended!” said Delana.

“I chose to enter this field in order to serve and help others,” shared Delana. “I take this very seriously. I study my market every day, learning what is happening with our listings. I expect every member of my team to be knowledgeable about what is going on, and when we have a challenging listing, we work together to find solutions.”

When you work with Delana, you’re not just working with an individual. You’re working with a team. And moreover, they are working for you.

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