Developing Financial Literacy through Piedmont Federal Savings

For over 100 years, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has been a trusted resource for the community. They recently developed a financial literacy program that offers everyone – customer or not – a wealth of financial knowledge, all from the convenience of their home computer!

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the knowledge, skills, and ability to make financial decisions and utilize financial resources to maximize long-term and even lifetime financial well-being.

Ginger Salt, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Piedmont Federal Savings Bank, shared, “Financial literacy is more than simply knowing dollars and cents; it’s about knowing how to make your money work for you. It’s a matter of managing money, rather than letting it manage you! We are proud to offer financial literacy training to the community, and in organizations throughout the community.”

What is Piedmont Federal Savings Bank doing with financial literacy?

Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager, Jennifer Evans, said, “We know our clients have questions. But talking about finances doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need an accounting degree to be financially smart, and to that end, we’ve decided to bring a free, online tutorial system to the community. You don’t have to be a member of Piedmont Federal Savings Bank to utilize it.”

Kelly Minor, Marketing Communications Specialist, agreed. “It’s been a great tool and those who have used it have loved the simplicity and interactive nature of this resource.”

The School Initiative

The team has taken financial literacy on the road, and presented learning opportunities through the Winston-Salem Street School, Habitat for Humanity Summer Camp and Junior Achievement, where young children can begin learning financial literacy from an early age.

“Students as young as first grade can easily understand the differences of wants versus needs,” said Kelly. “Whether we are teaching elementary students or high school students, we are approaching financial literacy from real-life, relatable situations, even using ourselves and our personal experiences as examples. By being transparent with our students, we remove the intimidation factor that is often associated with money.”

The Online Modules

The online modules can be accessed through Under either the Banking Services tab or Home Loans tab, visitors can find the link to “Financial Wellness.” This takes the user to a new page where 24 modules are accessible 24/7.

Easy to use, these modules range from the basics on savings and checking accounts to guidance on credit cards, credit scores, home loans, estate planning and 529 Plans.

Kelly shared, “We have completed the modules ourselves, and can speak to their ease and functionality. Most of all, the results are private, and promise the user anonymity since they don’t even have to sign up to use them!”

Jennifer agreed. “Our customers have loved learning more about their financial options, and even our students at the Street School have been very eager to participate. It’s empowering! When you understand that you have the control over your money and where it goes, it’s a truly liberating experience.”

The ladies who comprise this educational team at Piedmont Federal Savings Bank have discovered a passion for helping others learn about financial literacy, and embrace it for themselves and their families. Ginger shared, “I have always loved my job, but through this new initiative, we have all found a higher calling and purpose! It’s exciting! We are eager to help anyone who wants to learn.”

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Piedmont Federal Savings Bank wants to encourage YOU to utilize their Financial Wellness program. If you choose to participate with a log in between October 1st and November 30th, your name will be added to a drawing to win $25 gift card!