Diet Center: Helping You Win at Losing!

Have you ever believed in a company so much that you bought it? Well, that’s just what Dinah Shore Myers did when she bought the Winston-Salem franchise of Diet Center!

An Eating Plan for a Lifetime

“My experience with Diet Center began some 28 years ago when, after the birth of my son, I joined. I lost 50 pounds and 65 inches in 6 months at the time. Over the years, with life’s stressors, I gained weight, and my cholesterol went up. In 2016, I returned to the Diet Center program and lost 30 pounds and 45 inches. On the plan, I went back on portion control and lowered my starch intake because bread and sweets are my ‘kryptonite.’ My cholesterol dropped by 80 points; I know and believe in the program because I have had success and know that others can have that success, too,” said Dinah. Her mission is to not only help others in their weight loss journey, but lead them to a healthier lifestyle. The Diet Center program can be tailored for any dietary or health need, from vegan, to gluten-free, to diabetic. Dinah and her Diet Center team want their clients to realize that eating healthy and maintaining weight loss comes with portion control, not deprivation, good nutritional habits, and exercise.

No Better Time Than Now for a Healthy Change

It’s no surprise that a recent CDC study’s findings were that 38% of adults and 17% of children are now obese in this country. Making the decision to make healthier choices is hard, and support is a must, so if you have a friend or family member by your side along the way, the chances of success increase.

“A Purdue University study found that if you want to increase your odds of losing weight, get a partner. Studies on male and female dieters show that those with supportive partners, a spouse, friend or co-worker, lost up to 30% more weight during a 15-month period than did their counterparts without partners. Because we at Diet Center believe in the importance of a support system, we are offering a special that if you bring a friend and you both join, each receives 50% off program fees. If you are already a member and you refer someone to us, you receive $50 in free Diet Center products. We hope this will encourage potential clients to realize there’s no better time than now to make a healthy change in their lives,” Dinah commented. So what makes Diet Center different than other options you have? Basically, all the options you have on the program!

Body Fat and Lean Tissue Lead to Weight Loss

There are four parts to the Diet Center program: a body composition analysis to determine fat vs. lean tissue; reducing with twice-weekly meetings with a diet counselor; stabilization; and finally, maintenance. “The program works with your body chemistry to burn fat. We develop each client’s weight loss program individually and meet with each client privately to guide them on their weight loss journey. We also require clients keep a food diary, which helps them see the choices they are making daily. With our initial consultation, we learn about any health conditions that they have, their lifestyle, eating habits and any dietary restrictions which will factor into which program we recommend. My staff and I are Diet Center certified counselors, so we can guide the client through choosing their program. Clients can choose to make healthy choices from their grocery store, or we have meal replacements and prepackaged meals with all the guesswork done for those with little time to shop,” stated Dinah. Diet Center programs are well suited for all lifestyles and professions, with the focus on making healthy dietary changes with exercise.

“Our programs work for busy stay-at-home moms, business and medical professionals, and those we depend on in our community like emergency first responders. No matter what you do in your life, being healthy, with a nutritionally balanced diet, daily exercise and good choices can only help you be all you can be for yourself and those who depend on you. None of us know what waits around the corner – perhaps a diagnosis of a life-threatening health issue – but when you are healthy, your body is better suited to take on whatever may come. We have to remember, there is no magic pill for weight loss and management. It takes commitment, discipline, effort and most importantly, a desire to improve one’s well-being,” Dinah said.

Diet Center is located at 1401 S. Stratford Rd., Suite D, Winston-Salem, NC, next to Ring Masters Jewelers. For more information, call 336-770-2420 or visit