DIY Girls’ Night Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank


When we’re juggling more things than we can count and life gets a little crazy, sometimes the best fix is a good old-fashioned girls’ night out! Then again, how about a girls’ night in for a change? If given the chance to ditch the heels and the glass of wine that costs more than an entire bottle from the store, count me in! Spending a night together with your favorite women and getting to enjoy more intimate time together while cutting some of the cost sounds like a win-win! Who knows? You may even decide to never go out again with some of these DIY Girls’ night ideas!

Fondue Night

Forget about the Melting Pot – you can throw a fondue night at home for twice the fun and half the price. First, decide if your fondue will be sweet or savory or even both! You can grab delicious and simple recipes online for chocolate, cheese, and broth based fondues. Next, create a list of dippers for guests to bring. Giving in to that sweet tooth with a chocolate fondue night? Toppings like marshmallows, brownie bites, fruits and pretzel rods work great. If you’re set on cheesy goodness, then various kinds of fresh bread, apple slices, meats and veggies all do well. You can send a sign-up list out over email or a group text and see who’s bringing what. Open a bottle of wine and set out some plates and skewers to dig in together and try one of everything.

Painting Party

Over the years the popular franchise, Painting with a Twist, and other businesses like it have continued to grow in popularity by hosting paint & wine nights for women. While these places are a ton of fun to try, if your friend circle is a crafty one, invite them to a paint party at your place! Everyone brings a canvas size of their choosing from their local craft store and a few acrylic paint colors to chip in. (Be on the lookout for the canvas sales at Michaels and A.C. Moore where you can grab a five or ten pack of canvases for a steal!) You can paint the same thing or guests can choose something of their own. Just print out example images from online for them to follow, or they can bring their own if they like. Set out a few water cups, paintbrushes and a plastic tablecloth and everyone can gather around the table to paint. Get some music going and get in touch with your artsy side!

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Feeling fancy? You don’t have to be a sommelier to host a good wine and cheese tasting. You can pick up your favorite bottle of wine, a cheese that pairs well and invite your girlfriends to do the same. Set up a few nice wood cutting boards or some fun serving trays to place out for the cheese and have wine glasses at the ready! Check in with your guests ahead of time to make sure you have a variety of white, red and rosé in attendance, as well as a few different members of the cheese family. Add some fun competition to the evening by having everyone vote on their favorite bottle of the night! Supply a baguette and some crackers and you’re ready for a great night of girl talk.

Movie Night and Popcorn Bar

Looking for a traditional route for an evening with the girls? Grab a rental at your local Redbox for a dollar and invite everyone over for a movie night. If you’re hosting, make a few large bags of popcorn while others can contribute a topping of their choice like M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc. to create a popcorn bar. You can even bring out some bacon crumbles, parmesan cheese or garlic for a more gourmet take on the classic movie theatre treat. Before the movie begins, place individual bowls of popcorn out for each guest and friends can dress up theirs with their favorite toppings! The whole evening can cost less than one ticket out at the theatre!