Earheart Healthy Weight Loss – Changing the Face of Weight Loss

By Linda Finch

0004_NCH_7531-Resized Visitors to Earheart Healthy Weight Loss sometimes ask “Why Earheart?” and “Why is there an airplane in your logo?”

I always wanted to fly. The pure joy of feeling a plane lighten and reach for the sky touches my soul. Flying is peace and excitement all mixed up. I once flew through a circular rainbow. The sky is magical.

Flying is also much like living. There are easy fun times and there are tough times. The choices we make today create the places we find ourselves tomorrow. And no matter the challenge, all we have to do is get through the clouds.

In 1997, through World Flight, I recreated and completed Amelia Earhart’s around-the-world flight, in the same make and model aircraft as Amelia. Over 2.2 million children traveled around the world with me via a semester of lessons on the internet and in a written curriculum; lessons that taught math, science, geography, and life skills. The true purpose of the flight was to deliver a message Amelia held dear, which is that, “We can, and should, dream big dreams, and we can accomplish our heart’s desires.”

World Flight’s purpose was to encourage you to find your path and begin your journey. To choose not to live within limits society or others set for you, but to find your dream – and take one step toward it every day. That is how I was able to fly around the world.

It is true that flying around the world in a 62 year old airplane, over oceans, mountains, cities, and jungles is fraught with risk. Again, my journey around the world is much like my life. The larger life we live, the more risk. Pilots manage risk by planning, training, practicing and hard work. Times can be tough. We need to know we can find the shining sun.

Why Earheart?
We want people to “listen to their hearts,” to know they can have their dreams, and to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their family, friends, and community.
Pilots know… the sun is always shining above the clouds.

0022_NCH_7535-ResizedLife Intervenes
During World Flight, I told millions of people to live for their purpose, to find their joy, and to live large, happy and useful lives. The flight was part of my happy, useful, and skinny life. I had always set goals, and worked hard to meet them. I had been in control of my life. My weight remained average without any effort. I could eat anything I wanted, and did not gain weight.

Soon after the flight, I experienced two significant personal tragedies. My world changed overnight, and as I lost control of my life, I also lost control of my weight. I gained 50 pounds quickly, and was unable to lose it. I dieted, exercised, took pills from late night TV, bought equipment I did not use, fasted for weeks, and always tried to eat healthily. Nothing worked. Even when I lost weight for a time, it would come back and bring more. My blood pressure and blood sugar went up. I did not understand what was wrong with me. What changed? I struggled for 10 years without success. I believed it was my fault. I was wrong.

First, I lost control of my life; then I lost control of my weight.
At the time, I did not know they were related. I believed it was my fault – and most Earheart patients come to us believing the same thing. I was wrong. I learned that my body was not working properly, and the stress of my problems had changed my metabolism. Some people are born that way, and struggle with weight all their lives.

I learned that obesity is not just eating too much or avoiding exercise. We all know people who eat horribly and never exercise, yet maintain a normal weight. If dieting and exercise were the answer, obesity and related diseases would not be increasing every year.

Searching for the Answer
I studied the tools of weight loss, how our bodies work, and why we gain weight. I partnered with doctors to find a healthy way to lose weight and discovered a combination of modalities that create a safe and healthy solution, one that is easy to implement and produces lasting results.

0009_NCH_7404-ResizedI tested the first Earheart treatment myself, and lost 30 pounds in six weeks. The results were so amazing, I felt it was too good to be true. After treating almost a thousand patients, we not only found that they experienced the same amazing weight loss, but other dramatic health improvements as well. It was as though I was led to the answer. I still say today that I believe God just put it in my head, because it is so simple, yet so extraordinary.

I found that the answer is in our genes. Our bodies try to protect us in times of starvation (such as when we are dieting). To shed pounds and control our weight in the future, we have to work with our bodies, and stop starving. It is impossible to fight this reaction, so at Earheart we found a way to use it.

I found that losing weight without the stress of a low calorie diet and with healthy support was the only answer. At Earheart, if you are hungry, we know you are going to the “bad diet” place. We do not want to stress your body. Earheart is a physician prescribed treatment, not a diet. A Health Coach is available to you every day, and will adjust your program to your specific needs based on the Earheart physician’s instructions.

Finding a Home for Earheart
Earheart needed a place to open our flagship store. Winston-Salem was perfect – large enough, but not too large to get to know our patients. We found a strong and well-educated medical community, and people that believed in finding an answer. Earheart brought the tools and the knowledge gleaned from physicians, researchers, and a thousand patients. Winston-Salem embraced Healthy Weight Loss, and Earheart is now adding another location in Greensboro.

0006_NCH_7462-ResizedEarheart’s Mission
At Earheart, we want to change the face of weight loss from a struggle to an amazing journey to better health, and reduce the incidence of diabetes, heart attack and stroke caused by obesity and related diseases. Earheart patients make that goal possible. Every person that chooses to live differently and control their weight and health inspires family, friends, coworkers, and those in the community to do the same.

My World Flight was a successful and exciting journey that exceeded all expectations. While I got to fly the plane, the project was much larger than me. Success came from the many partners who shared in the flight and its message. It came from the Department of Education, Pratt & Whitney, and other government and business partners. It came from each of the 76,000 teachers who shared the story with their students. With their help, the World Flight community changed the lives of students around the world.
Earheart has been trusted with a precious gift – healthy weight loss that works. I believe we have a responsibility to share this amazing treatment, but we can’t do it alone. Each of our patients is changing his or her life. Each brings the Earheart message to others. They are inspiring, amazing, and successful.

Most of us have found weight loss to be a hard and futile process. Many have given up, and trying again is scary. Success comes from three important traits – the courage to begin, the faith in your own success, and the will to be true to yourself.

Please remember – the sun is always above the clouds. It is constant. When I start a flight on a dreary, rainy, cloudy day, I know I can climb above the weather. I can find the sun. So can you.