Elite Photo Pod

People entering their 20s have lately been referred to as “the most photographed generation.” With so many high-tech, yet affordable, ways to capture the moments we want to remember, it is no surprise that so many take advantage of scrapbooking nearly everyone. With advancing technology comes crisper photos and more unique and fun ways to take them.

“Our business is entering its second year of operation,” said Lee Ann Vogler, owner of Elite Photo Pod. “We had a booth at our wedding and fell in love with the concept! My husband and I had a blast, and our guests kept going back in for more pictures. Since I work in customer service and like to provide great customer experiences, I thought this would be the perfect business for us. We are different from other booth companies in that we carry back-up equipment for everything — camera, printer, flash, cables, etc. We want to be prepared for anything that could go wrong, so in the event something does malfunction, the event still goes on.”

There are other differences as well. “We like to say that Elite Photo Pod is bringing the photo booth experience into the 21st century,” said Lee Ann. “Mainly because our set-up is unlike any other in our area. Our booth can accommodate between five and nine people. As I said before, we can customize the background and outside of our pod. We are currently working on green screen capabilities. If you want your background to appear as if you are in Paris, we will make it look as if you are in Paris.”

Customers can choose between 2×6 strips or 4×6 postcard prints. “Prints can be in color, black and white, sepia and several other tones,” said Lee Ann. “Prices can vary. Things that have an impact on price are the type of event, weekday versus weekend, afternoon versus evening, holiday versus non-holiday. Also, the length of time needed for an event. We request potential clients fill out our quote form (located on the website), and we will respond within 24 hours…usually less. And, we promise not to blow up client mailboxes. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal.”

Elite Photo Pod can do just about any event. “We do weddings, fundraisers, holiday parties, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, proms, school dances, anniversary parties and corporate events,” said Lee Ann. “We are up to discussing most any event a customer may want. We are also fully insured and members of the Photo Booth Association. We attended the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas this year and learned a lot of the ins and outs of the business.”

Prices for Elite Photo Pod include so many things:

–   Arrival 60-90 minutes before start of event

–   Set-up and breakdown of the pod

–   At least two attendants for the event

–   Unlimited photo strips

–   An external slideshow monitor that runs every photo taken in the booth

–   Choice of background color

–   Customized template

–   Use of box full of props

–   A thumb drive of all prints taken

–   Upgrades available

Next time you want to capture every moment, let Elite Photo Pod add even more to your memories! For more information about Elite Photo Pod, visit the website at elitephotopod.com.