Endless Possibilities: The Fleer Center at Salem College

In the movies, college looks like a bunch of fresh-faced 18 year olds without a care in the world, being ‘on their own’ for the first time. Some of their concerns are classes that they claim are held too early, and running out of money on meal cards. But in the real world, and to various types of students, college can look very different. The Martha H. Fleer Center for Adult Education at Salem College is a perfect example of a place for students who do not fit the traditional college stereotype.

Designed for women and men ages 23 years and older who are interested in completing their college education, gain a certificate, or take a limited number of college courses, The Fleer Center for Adult Education is perfect for students looking to advance their career, change careers, enrich their lives, or finish an education that was started years ago. It provides the best college atmosphere in which to fulfill dreams and accomplish goals.
For many Fleer Center students, the challenges of juggling work, family, and school can seem daunting. Salem faculty, along with the staff at The Fleer Center, understand that adult students have a lot going on in their lives, and are always ready to assist and find a schedule that works. For many students, the personal attention helps them navigate college life with ease.

For Erica McIntosh, a senior working to complete her degree in Education, The Fleer Center has been ideal. With her own teaching job, two small children, and a husband who is a high school baseball coach, the flexibility that The Fleer Center has offered has been the key to fulfilling her educational dreams.

“Our staff and faculty understand that adult learners have careers, families, and community responsibilities, which make them short on time. We’re dedicated to making their transition into college life as smooth as possible, which is why day and evening courses are offered to fit busy schedules,” says Dr. Sydney Richardson, Dean of The Fleer Center for Adult Education.

Salem College renamed its continuing studies program to The Martha H. Fleer Center for Adult Education in July 2008 in honor of the program’s founder, Dr. Martha Fleer. Fleer came to Salem College in 1973 and founded Salem College’s continuing studies program in the early 1980s.


For more information on The Fleer Center at Salem College, please visit salem.edu/fleercenter or call (336) 721-2669.

Want to Find Out More?
The Fleer Center is offering free information sessions on Thursday, March 12, at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 14, at 10 a.m. Call 336-721-2669 to reserve your seat today.