Essential Balanced Bodywork “Massage, Innovation, Healing”

Walking through the door at Essential Balanced Bodywork (EBB) is akin to entering an oasis of serene, quiet space. Turn your cell phone and any other electronics off as you enter. This is time for you to let go and let Michael and Emily Roels work on your pain and stress.   It is worth every minute and you deserve it.

Each room is designed to help you relax even before your treatment begins. The waiting area has a cozy, family room environment, as does the consultation room if you are a first time client. The treatment rooms are spacious with oversized massage tables, artwork selected to soothe the senses and quiet music in the background.

Michael and Emily take the time to meet with each new client to determine his or her particular needs. They want their clients to have the best massage possible based on their personal environments (such as high stress work situation, lack of work/life balance, or chronic pain situations). Treatments offered include Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, prenatal, and RoelsMethod Structural Bodywork.

The RoelsMethod Structural Bodywork treatment is unique and sets EBB apart from any massage you may have experienced in the past. Michael, who has firsthand knowledge of the impact of chronic pain on the body, designed the treatment. It is recommended for clients who deal with acute, chronic pain and have likely exhausted other options, with little to no relief. The treatment program involves three to five structural bodywork sessions. Included during the initial consultation is discussion/education regarding pain. Knowledge about pain and what it does to the body is an important part of the program. The treatments are designed to reinforce new, neural pathways to retrain the body’s affected areas. Essential Balanced Bodywork is the only place to receive these treatments. Both Michael and Emily have years of experience in helping their clients alleviate pain.

Forget about calendars, clocks and schedules. At the end of your session, you’ll have a bottle of water to take with you (be sure to drink it all) and a follow-up call or text the next day to see how you’re feeling. They want your experience to be positive and checking on you is not just a courtesy, it’s part of your session.

As Jeannine Miller shared, “They are concerned about their clients. They work with their clients at their comfort level to achieve results.” Jeannine said that she had had a sciatic nerve issue and lost sleep due to the pain level.   She said, “I’ve had no issues since coming to EBB.” Jeannine also brought her mother for treatment after her success. Her mom can now raise her arm to turn off lights, something she had not be able to do for some time.

Kelly shared that she turned to EBB as a last resort due to numbing sensations in her left leg. She had already had surgery on her right leg. Before calling the surgeon, she visited EBB. After three sessions, the symptoms were alleviated. Michael also taught her some daily exercises to continue. She noted that EBB “works wonders for your aches and pains. I’m a lifelong client!”

Another client, Karen, had treatments due to rheumatoid arthritis. “I look forward to having Essential Balanced Bodywork continue to be part of my healthcare team,” she stated. “I feel very grateful to have been referred here.”

Tom Star had been suffering with planter fasciitis for over a year. He noted that Emily, “did an evaluation and retrained muscles in his legs that were causing heel pain using the RoelsMethod. It’s nice to walk without pain.”

If you’re like so many people who put others first and leave little time for yourself, a regularly scheduled appointment is a perfect gift to give yourself. EBB is now offering memberships on a monthly or bi-monthly basis that will ensure you take time for some self-care.   Key features include:

Massage Rates for Membership:

  • $79.98 for a 60 minute massage per month (any additional massages during the month will still be available at the $79.98 price)
  • $109.98 for a 90 minute massage per month (any additional massages during the month will still be available at the $109.98 price)
  • A family of four package is also available at a special price.

Additional membership benefits include a $5.00 discount on EBB’s Lavender Hand and Body Lotion (a lovely, light lotion) and the opportunity to attend one EBB workshop per month at no cost.

Start 2016 off by planning a care-for-yourself year and give Michael and Emily a call to schedule your first visit or set-up your membership for the coming year.


Essential Balanced Bodywork is located at 2575 Old Glory Road, Suite #500, Clemmons, NC 27012. Their phone number is 336.918.9343 and their website is You can also find them on Facebook, Google Plus, and Yelp. Their appointment hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10 am to 6 pm; Tuesday – Thursday, noon to 8 pm; and Friday – Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. They are also happy to work with your schedule in setting up your visit.