Essential Balanced Bodywork’s Co-founder: Emily Roels

Emily Roels and her husband, Michael, are the founders/operators/owners of Essential Balanced Bodywork, established in 2013. Their dedicated approach to their clients’ well-being has helped their clients and resulted in numerous referrals over the years.

Emily received her initial training in massage therapy at Guilford Technical Community College. Her original interest was geared toward sports therapy; however, after having a child, her interests shifted to good health and natural healing. With her athletic background in basketball, soccer, and volleyball, Emily relates well to clients experiencing injuries from an active lifestyle. Also, Emily is certified to teach massage therapy as a board approved continuing educator provider via the North Carolina Licensed Therapy Massage Board.

With 13+ years of experience, Emily offers her clients a wide range of techniques depending on their situation and need at that time. Her clients may have need for a relaxation/Swedish massage, RoelsMethod for those in chronic pain, reflexology, deep tissue, or acutonics (tuning fork sound therapy that is similar to acupuncture in principle, but without the needles). “I learned and continue to massage with intention,” shared Emily. “I respectfully focus fully on each client, creating a loving/caring space for them and what can best benefit them. Creating a healing space for my client (especially those who give to others without regard for themselves) ensures they get some well-deserved attention.”

Emily is drawn to helping people heal.   One of her gifts is relating to people and putting them at ease. It’s remarkable how quickly clients relax and how comfortable the overall mood becomes. Emily’s nurturing personality provides a soothing space for her clients.

As Emily shared, “Once clients experience their massage, a ripple effect ensues. They may feel kinder, more patient, and have a minimized stress level from the daily grind. That sensation empowers them to care for themselves and have a pay it forward mentality.”

Emily enjoys helping people on an individual basis. Plus, working in a relaxing environment with soft music proves benefits to her as well.

Emily is also a certified holistic health coach. For many years she has been able to share her expertise with others struggling or stuck in patterns of life choices that no longer serve them. Emily provides coaching that encompasses eating, hobbies, creativity, finances, physical activity, spirituality, friendships/support, all areas of life – food is not the main focus. As Emily stated, “Even changing environments can impact what and how we eat, modify life skills (stress relievers, how you speak to yourself and foster the ‘good in / good out’ concept). It helps a person find their gifts and exploit those gifts to their advantage while working to achieve goals.”

Continual learning to help benefit her clients is a benefit to her clients. Emily’s embrace of learning came easily; her mom was a teacher and continues to be a strong support. She has a twin brother and two older sisters. Her personal philosophy is that the glass is half-full and her positive energy embraces anyone in her orbit. She is skilled at bringing out smiles from those around her.

In her leisure time, Emily enjoys creativity (painting and nature crafts), yoga, meditating, taking walks and spending time with her daughter.

What are clients saying about Emily?

Emily is wonderful! I had issues with my shoulder for over a year and was contemplating surgery. Thankfully I tried massage therapy with EBB; Emily was able to pinpoint the problem. With strengthening exercises and continued therapy, I am getting more mobility and strength every day. (Lisa)

I had no idea how much a mastectomy and the reconstruction process would affect my arms, shoulders, and back areas. By the end of the year-long process, sleep was a problem due to the pain level. Emily did such an awesome, amazing job relieving the pain I was in! It’s not just a massage; it’s healing. (Ashley)

Give Emily a call to schedule your own session; you’ll leave refreshed and invigorated. Essential Balanced Bodywork is located at 2575 Old Glory Road, Suite #500, Clemmons, NC 27012. Their appointment hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10 am to 6 pm; Tuesday – Thursday, noon to 8 pm; and Friday – Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. They will work with your schedule to set-up your visit. Give them a call at 336.918.9343 or visit their website ( You can also find them on Facebook, Google Plus, and Yelp. Gift cards are also available.