Faith, Miracles, and Wishes

The Williamson family is your typical, all-American family. Father. Mother. Three children. They live on love and a deep faith in God. A cancer diagnosis wasn’t a part of the plan.

But life doesn’t always go the way we expect. Kameron Williamson was diagnosed with Large B-Cell Lymphoma at the age of 13. Needless to say, it was an emotional time for his family, especially since this is a cancer usually associated with people 70 years and older; it a diagnosis that is rarely made in children. Kameron went through many tests before they were given an official diagnosis on December 21, 2013. Kameron’s first chemo treatment was on December 24th that year.

110-Make-a-Wish5-SFWThe months that followed have resulted in a story of extraordinary faith. This amazing family gave it all to God and stood strong in their faith. They knew who was in charge and while they were praying for a miracle, the Williamson family gave it all to Him. Even during the hardest days and painful chemotherapy, Kameron and his family knew that God was in control.

Kameron’s mom, Katrina shared, “We prayed a lot. We had an amazing support system and one thing we did that I’m very thankful for now – we recorded a video of the process so that later, we could look back to see how truly good God is.”

And indeed, God provided a miracle. After extensive chemotherapy, Kameron beat cancer. That is the second part of the story. This brave young man fought a battle and with the support of family and friends, and many prayers, God saw to it that when it came to cancer, Kameron – 1, cancer – 0.

Finally, this is a story of a wish come true… a Make-A-Wish®.

His hospital social worker recommended Kameron for a wish. His parents, Ken and Katrina, shared, “We felt guilty about the idea of Kameron receiving a wish. We had such an amazing network of support, and I knew other families weren’t as blessed as we were. But the team who cared for our son were wonderful people who truly believed that Kameron deserved his own wish.”

And so, the wish granters at Make-A-Wish® Central and Western North Carolina began discussing ideas with Kameron.

Kameron Williams is a remarkable young man, with a laid back, roll-with-the-punches kind of spirit. He loves music, and plays guitar, piano, and the clarinet. His initial request was for a violin. But the Make-A-Wish® team encouraged him to go bigger, and his true wish – the wish for music recording equipment was granted.

As a bonus to this equipment that would be any musician’s dream come true – Kameron was also given the opportunity to DJ a Make-A-Wish® luncheon! When asked how he felt about that, Kameron said, “Everything was great! The food was good!” Spoken like a healthy teenage boy!

Today, Kameron is 15 and a sophomore at Southern Guilford High. His favorite subject is Animal Science and he hopes to be a veterinarian someday. And thanks to his doctors and nurses, he will be able to see that dream become a reality.

Thanks to the strong faith of his family, Kameron will know that God is in control of everything, including miracles.

And thanks to the Make-A-Wish® team, Kameron is a young man who will always believe in the power of wishes.