Family Dynamics At Work: Nu Expression

By : Jan Allison

With the focus of the July issue of Forsyth Woman being on siblings, I began reflecting on how sibling dynamics can also relate to the family dynamics of a work team.  After all, we spend more hours of the day and week with the people at work than just about anyone else in our lives!  So how can we achieve the harmony and interactions of a successful family in a work environment?  What better way to find out than to go straight to the team for advice!

Words of Advice on Family Dynamics from the Nu expression Team:

  1. Make nice in the sandbox.  Share your toys and share the credit for a job well done. Just don’t share your sick germs.
  2. Treat your work team with the same respect you treat your family.  Ok, maybe even a bit more!
  3. Accept each other’s quirks – we all have them – so learn to love them as the differentiators that make us all unique.
  4. Invest in the team’s success, not just your own.
  5. Laugh – a lot!  At yourself and occasionally at each other.
  6. Give a hug and a shoulder to cry on when your teammate needs it.  Some days are just harder than others and bad news still arrives during the work day.
  7. Celebrate birthdays, weddings, babies, graduations and lives lost with your team.  And celebrate often!150602-NuExpression-026
  8. Pick up after yourself.
  9. How many great family memories begin around the dinner table?  Lots! So share meals and special treats with your team to create great memories at work, too!
  10. Create situations where cooperation is essential to complete the project – they allow all team members to gain an appreciation for the strengths each individual brings to the table.
  11. The family that plays together – stays together!  Make time away from the office to blow off steam and share in team adventures with not only just the team members, but their families, too!
  12. Stay positive – it wears off on the team. But if someone is having a bad day, let them wallow in their pity for a bit, then work together to lift them up to be ready to tackle another day.
  13. No family or team can always avoid conflict.  So when it occurs, put on your big girl panties (or big boy boxers) and address the problem head on.  Solving it before it festers is so much easier than solving a conflict that has had days or weeks to grow.
  14. Criticize gently.  Always start with positive feedback.  
  15. Take great pride in your team and thank them publicly when they share sentiments like the one below!  

    “I love this list idea! I’m so happy to be a part of this Nu family! I tell people all the time that I don’t feel like I go to work. I tell them I go hang out with family while we make awesome things together!”