Feeling Beautiful at Any Age

In April this year, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty released an eye-opening video where an artist sketched a woman based on her own description, and then created another rendering based on the perception of another person.  The video quickly went viral and opened up some great conversation, especially about how women perceive their own beauty.

And in August, the Today Show ran a segment that profiled several women over 60, and how they’ve learned to embrace their own individualized beauty as they’ve grown older.

Despite the media’s recent attention on all the different kinds of beautiful, we women are our own worst critics!  We look at our reflections and instead of seeing a pretty smile, we see crow’s feet around our eyes.  We see all our little imperfections and consider them flaws rather than looking at them as uniquely our own.  Why is it so hard for us to identify our own beautiful qualities?  The qualities that others readily see in us?  Perhaps, like the women in the Today Show segment, it comes with the wisdom of age.

Using myself as an example, I’ve had a mole on my forehead all my life.  Throughout my teens and 20s, I wanted it removed, even talking to a dermatologist about what was involved.  However, before I had a chance to act on the procedure, a co-worker removed it from a photo of me, without my asking her to do so.  I was truly offended.  What had once been something I was self-conscious about suddenly became a part of my looks that I didn’t want magically airbrushed away.  Nine years later, I still have that mole, and I no longer consider removing it.  While I don’t particularly think it’s a beautiful attribute, I realized that it is uniquely my own and a part of my looks.

Every woman is beautiful.  It may not be a traditional beauty such as the mainstream definition of beauty (refer to anyone featured on Cosmo or Vogue magazines), but every woman has a quality that is special to her, that makes her beautiful.  Embracing that quality is an additional beauty in and of itself, because it gives us a glowing confidence that shows wherever we go!

Perhaps your teeth aren’t straight, but so what?  As long as your smile is genuine, it’s beautiful!  Maybe you wish your hair was thicker, but who cares?  It’s your own and the color is fantastic!  Have you ever wished you were less hippy?  Your friend without curves of her own envies yours!

There are a million positive attributes in each and every one of you.  If you’re young and just learning who you are as a woman, know that there are things about yourself you may think are ugly now and it will take 20 more years of experience before you’ll understand how gorgeous those feature really are!  Try to embrace them sooner, rather than later.  You may be over 60, wondering where the young version of yourself has gone, but the laughter you share with your children may be the most beautiful music to their ears!

Forsyth Woman is about celebrating YOU as a woman, no matter where you are in your life.  Go look in the mirror and find something about yourself to be PROUD of and wear that knowledge with beautiful, radiant confidence!  Everyone will notice and everyone will get to appreciate the beauty of YOU!