FLY Health Coaching: First Love Yourself, Others Will Come Next

Americans are overweight and more than of 1/3rd of our population are considered obese. This is not groundbreaking news. After all, our country spends over $33 billion a year on weight loss products. And because we are a “want it fast, and we want it now” society, we also tend to get impatient and want whatever is going to get us to our goal the quickest. Our impatience doesn’t always lend itself to making the healthiest choices. But the tale of the rabbit and the turtle hasn’t been around for generations for naught.   The wisdom in that story tells us slow and steady wins the race. And that’s where Chelsea Newman comes in…

Chelsea is the owner of FLY Health Coaching, which stands for “First Love Yourself.” This concept is far from new, but it’s one most of us struggle with. Women especially feel guilty for doing anything that is important to us. When our families are making their needs known, it’s hard to prioritize ourselves, though logic tells us that by taking care of ourselves, we’re in a better position to take care of the ones we love. We’d increase our longevity. We’d have more energy. We’d manage our stress better… if only we can learn to love ourselves.

“The first step in my philosophy,” shared Chelsea, “is acknowledging that it’s okay to make ourselves a priority. We have to in order to be the best version of us for the people we love the most!”

Chelsea is an ACE Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise), and she has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from East Carolina University. “I help individuals learn how to fit exercise into their busy lives, how to make smarter eating choices, and gain confidence.”

She continues, “I know how hard it is to eat right and balance it all. My husband and I have both struggled with our weight in the past. I lost 28 pounds, and he lost over 80. While I understand the struggle, I also know the goal is attainable.”

Chelsea also battles numerous food intolerances so she knows how diet can impact not only weight and health, but overall wellness. “Eating things that make you feel tired and sluggish deplete your energy and well-being! For example, carbs and gluten, while different, often go hand in hand. You don’t necessarily have to have a diagnosed sensitivity to gluten to feel the effects of too many carbs in your system.”

Health is more than the numbers on the scale. Chelsea’s clients see her not only for weight loss, but for guidance on meal planning, building healthy habits, and incorporating exercise into their daily routines. “My clients and I work together to create individualized programs that not only meet their unique needs, but also fit within their schedules.”

And that flexibility includes online, as well as in-person, coaching. Chelsea’s designed her coaching style to be as flexible as you need it to be. If you’re committed to being healthy, then she’s going to work with you every step of the way!

Chelsea develops coaching programs based on a minimum 12-week commitment. She has several package options available that include an exercise program and even a meal plan. “Working with a health coach is an investment in yourself,” shared Chelsea. “I am your cheerleader and your accountability partner. I am there for my clients when they need that extra push to get over a particular hurdle… I understand that food cravings can be a recipe for a disaster. My clients know they can count on me to keep them focused and make sure they get the support they need to find success on their journey to health.”

And in today’s fast-paced society, quick results aren’t usually lasting results, according to Chelsea. “I don’t want my clients to feel like they are in a race to the finish line,” she shared. “My job is to help create lifestyle changes that are sustainable long-term. I’m not going to tell my clients they can never have another slice of birthday cake. But they are going to develop the skills they need to make healthy choices that outweigh the unhealthy, and allow for the occasional indulgence.”

Most of all, Chelsea emphasizes the mission that is summed up in the name: First Love Yourself.

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