Forsyth Community: 2016 Edition

You know when you have a great idea, and then, you worry that your idea won’t turn out the way you expect it to? That happened to us. During a 2014 road trip, our team devised an idea for a community-specific publication and, as we began creating it, designing it, writing it and selling it, we really felt that we were on to something. Something special. Something we were all going to be proud of. We called it Forsyth Community.

Then, the magazine came out.

We quickly realized our expectations had been very unrealistic.

The magazine had exceeded ALL of them.

Forsyth Community was meant to be a magazine for the residents of Lewisville and Clemmons. We didn’t expect it to become a relocation and visitor’s guide too! But, that’s exactly what happened. We found that the magazines were being used in hotel rooms at the Village Inn Event Center for visiting guests to get to know the area…that realtors were including them in their new resident packages…people were sharing copies with visiting family and friends so that they could see all that Lewisville and Clemmons have to offer. Businesses were even sending copies out to potential clients to familiarize them with the community!

The support we have received from the business owners, residents, the town of Lewisville, the Village of Clemmons and the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber has been astounding.

As I write this, the 2016 edition is almost finished, and we are on the way to print in only days. In fact, it will be available as you’re reading this. Make sure you pick up your copy!

To say this is a proud accomplishment is an understatement. To see a magazine come to life, watch the process go from concept to reality, is always an exciting thing. We do this every month with Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family but for some reason, it just feels extra special when we launch our seasonal magazines.

Forsyth Community is a culmination of weeks and months of planning and teamwork. Hours of brainstorming sessions go into every issue. Collaboration with business partners and leaders within the community is made evident in the final product. They say that no man is an island, and the same can be said for a magazine. The hours of time and energy spent are, we believe, well worth it. We hope you will think so too!

On behalf of the entire Forsyth Magazines family, thank you for allowing us to do what we love every month and for the special opportunities to bring you a seasonal title such as Forsyth Community. We hope you will take a few minutes to let us know what you think! Please visit to share your thoughts, or you can send me an email at

Again, our sincere thanks for making Forsyth Community bigger than we imagined!