Forsyth Plastic Surgery Introduces a Cutting Edge Technology . . . and a New Physician!


Plastic surgeons are known to restore their patients’ confidence, often with body reshaping or other surgical procedures. And now the doctors at Forsyth Plastic Surgery have a new, non-invasive technology called miraDry that permanently reduces underarm sweating and odor with just one treatment. Goodbye, body odor!

“Many of our patients have told us about situations in which they were embarrassed by underarm sweating and staining,” says Dr. John Fagg. “With our new miraDry technology we can permanently reduce their sweating and the resultant odor, and it is done in just one treatment.”

Dr. Fagg notes that Forsyth Plastic Surgery is the first practice in the area to have this new technology. “The great thing about miraDry is that it truly works. Patients notice results immediately.”

MiraDry is FDA-approved, and uses harmless microwaves to heat and destroy only the sweat and odor cells under the arm. “Some of our patients ask whether the ability to sweat under the arms is important, and say that sweating is a natural function,” says Dr. Andy Schneider. “But what we explain is that miraDry only eliminates about 2% of the body’s total sweat cells. You can still sweat normally all over your body – you just won’t have embarrassing sweat stains under your arms, and probably won’t have to use potentially harmful deodorants.”

Dr. Gil Kingman of Forsyth Plastic Surgery notes that some patients suffer from excessive sweating, called hyperhidrosis. “For those patients who sweat much more than average, miraDry is a fantastic solution to what is a somewhat debilitating problem.”

“And in addition to not sweating, miraDry patients see much less hair growth under the arms,” notes Dr. George Lawson. “That is another bonus – less sweat, less odor, and less hair.”

The miraDry treatment takes about 90 minutes, and the underarms are numbed before the procedure so that there is no pain during the treatment. “This is truly game changing technology,” says Forsyth Plastic Surgery’s aesthetician Gina Racca. “We are very excited to be the first in the area with this technology and look forward to seeing great results with our patients. In fact, several of our staff have already been treated with amazing results.”

In addition to the new miraDry technology, the doctors at Forsyth Plastic Surgery are excited about the addition of Dr. Leslie Branch. A native of Winston-Salem, Dr. Branch has just completed her plastic surgery training at Wake Forest and is joining the team at FPS.

“I am thrilled to be joining the oldest and most established plastic surgery practice in the Triad,” says Dr. Branch. “I have known Drs. Fagg, Schneider, Kingman and Lawson for many years and I am very happy to now call them partners.”

Dr. Branch will be seeing patients both in Winston-Salem and in Kernersville. “A lot of our patients come from Kernersville, Greensboro and High Point, and it is nice to be able to see them in our Kernersville office,” she notes. “When it comes time for surgery, we can operate either in Kernersville, or in our own center, The Plastic Surgery Center of North Carolina.”

Dr. Branch is now accepting patients, and for more information about her and the entire staff, visit