Fraleigh’s is a Woman’s Best Friend!

Thirty-six years and going strong, Fraleigh’s Boutique is a family owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Clemmons. Mother, Mary Francis (Fra), and daughter/co-owner, Donna (Leigh) began the business in 1981, and across the decades, they have worked to ensure Fraleigh’s Boutique is known for their exceptional service and high quality, fashionable apparel and accessories. When asked about the secret of their success and longevity, Donna shared what keeps the customers coming back.

Top Five Reasons to Shop at Fraleigh’s Boutique:

#1 Extraordinary Personal Service

From the personal greeting and assistance finding the perfect outfit or accessory, Donna and her Fraleigh “family” ensure the shopping experience is one customers want to repeat again and again. From head to toe, the boutique team is highly skilled at pulling together just the right pieces for any occasion. They make dressing up fun and treat customers like royalty. During my time at Fraleigh’s, Donna warmly greeted a number of regulars…her “boutique friends.” While the personal attention and service are extraordinary, Fraleigh’s goes one step farther –loyalty cards! Customers receive a stamp for every $30.00 spent, and after ten stamps, they receive a $20.00 gift card.

So, what do you think? It is a real showpiece, right? I’ll tell you what…if you wear it and nobody gives you a compliment, just bring it to me and I will give you double your money back.   -Donna Merriman

#2 Giving Back to the Community

Fraleigh’s Boutique is a long-standing supporter of Cancer Services. Customers who purchase an exclusive Fraleigh’s card for $20.00 not only receive 30% off their initial purchase, but every month after that, and they also receive a $10.00 gift certificate on their birthday. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the card sales go directly to the agency! Fraleigh’s also conducts an annual food drive to support the Clemmons Food Pantry – a non-profit organization staffed completely by volunteers that serves about 750 families each month. Additionally, Fraleigh’s Boutique gives back through a partnership with Storehouse for Jesus. Once a year, Donna loads up her van with beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories to make a very special delivery.

#3 Timeless Looks & Looks of the Time

Fraleigh’s Boutique has a huge selection of apparel for every age, sizes 0-20. From blue jeans to class reunion to mother-of-the-bride, customers will find exactly what they are looking for. In addition to fashionable clothing, Fraleigh’s offers an extraordinary collection of costume jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, and hats. Customers will have no trouble finding the perfect accessory to complement any outfit. Donna and Ally Merriman, manager (and daughter-in-law), attend the Atlanta market twice a year to handpick every item. They are always on the lookout for what’s trending, but they are certain to select timeless classics, too. When asked about “what’s new” for fall fashion, Donna shared that the former skinny pant legs will widen, previously longer tops will rise, and short skirts will go to the ground. Leggings, short boots, fun, whimsical prints for dresses and tops, and (thank goodness) anything black will still be in style!

From head to toe, Fraleigh’s Boutique has you covered!

#4 Longstanding Employees

To the casual observer, it is abundantly clear from the moment you walk in that the women who work there are not only highly knowledgeable about every item in the store, but they are a family. Fraleigh’s Boutique team is seven strong: Donna, Ally, three employees with over 20 years of service each, and two new hires. The two most recent additions help to fill the void left by the retirement of two longtime employees. Donna shares that it is not uncommon for her Fraleigh family to get together outside of work to go to dinner or do something special. She beams as she recounts times across the years when employees have reached out in significant ways to support one another. The tight-knit Fraleigh family and their commitment to satisfied, returning customers is a winning combination.

#5 Terrific Prices

When asked if it is possible to get a fabulous top and pair of slacks for under $100.00, Donna chuckles and says, “Of course!” In addition to affordable everyday prices, each week there are featured specials like $10.00 off dresses and bottoms or a free jewelry gift set with an apparel purchase. Additionally, customers can score some amazing deals in the back room where items are 50-70% off regular prices. Bargain shoppers will also enjoy taking advantage of the ongoing, unbelievable values on the front porch. With $10, $20, and $30 options, there is most assuredly something for everyone! If you have been to Fraleigh’s Boutique, you do not need to be convinced of the terrific prices, but if you have yet to stop by, Donna urges you to give them a try. She is proud of their prices and guarantees a fabulous outfit can be assembled at any price point.

Come by and see why Fraleigh’s is a woman’s best friend!

Fraleigh’s Boutique is located at 2626 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd., Clemmons, NC. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information call 336-766-7440 or visit