Getting Naturally Glam for the Holidays

Everyone is a beautiful work of art, with special features that make every woman unique. Whether you decide to go as the most natural version of you, sansmake-up, or the most dramatic, here are some tips, tricks, and tidbits to look and feel your best and get glam for all your holiday parties this season!


For a more natural makeup look, follow your skincare routine, then apply concealer (optional) BB cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation of your choice. Mix your favorite foundation together with a moisturizer and apply with your fingertips or a sponge. Start with a less-is-more approach and get gradually heavier, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Set your makeup with loose or pressed powder that matches your skin tone by applying it with a brush or sponge. Little to no powder is best for a dewy look, while oily skin looks better with powder. Touch up oilier T-zone areas throughout the evening for a matte finish.


Use a wand or brow-grooming brush for elegant eyebrows that frame your eyes. Sweep through your brows with a clear or tinted brow gel. If you are going for a heavier, darker brow look (think Audrey Hepburn or Brook Shields), use a pencil or flat brush to fill in the brows with eye shadow. Finally, run a clean mascara wand through your brows to blend the color and make it more natural looking.


For a rosier complexion that brings out your natural beauty, use a pressed or loose powder or liquid, but keep in mind that less is more. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping diagonally upwards. But that’s not all – blush isn’t just for your cheeks! For a well-rounded, naturally blended look, apply the blush in the shape of a number “3” from the edge of your forehead to your cheekbones, and then to the outline of your lower jaws. You can also apply some blush to your eyelids, at the creases, and blend well for a subtle glow to bring out your eyes.


To really accent your eyes, sweep a highlighter color (white or off-white works well) onto the lower part of your eyelids and also underneath the lower ¾ or so, hugging the bottom of your eyebrows to make your eyebrows more defined. Then, for added definition, add a neutral, light-medium shade of brown to the whole crease and blend evenly around your eyes.  For a little dose of daring drama, add a darker shade of brown to the outer corner of your creases and blend in toward the lash line.

If you are going for glam, curl your eyelashes for an eye-opening brighter-eyed look, and apply a coat or two of mascara. To put the emphasis on long lashes, apply false lashes and one or two additional coats of black mascara. Don’t forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes. Use a Q-tip and some olive oil and coconut oil to wipe up any mistakes.

Lining your top lash line as close to the lashes as possible will give a fresh look. Use liquid eyeliner, a pencil or eye shadow mixed with a drop of water, and apply as thinly as possible with a tiny liner brush. Add more definition to your lower lash line by adding a thin line to the outer corner. Opt for the classic “cat eye” look with liquid liner for even more drama.


For an au naturallook, go for lip balm or lip-gloss. For more definition, use a lip liner and fill in with lip-gloss, lips stain or lipstick. Then, apply a shimmery gloss in a lighter color to the bottom middle of your lips and rub together to create a plumper, fuller look.


No matter what look you go for, feel your most confident just being you, and let your uniqueness shine through. Everyone has natural beauty. Make the most of yours and feel good about the way you look!