Getting Organized for the New Year

When January 1st rolls around, I’m ready to get everything organized for the New Year. Ready to get paperwork in order, my closet straightened, and my planner set to use. But, getting into that state can be difficult and overwhelming. Dreary January provides little excitement and energy for starting a large task, and let’s not mention the possibility of a movie watching, hot chocolate filled snow day. However, there are tips to ease the stress of getting organized and prepared for the start of the year.

When it comes to cleaning anything or any space, there are several questions to ask yourself. Is this item something I use regularly? Am I saving it just in case? Do I have multiples of the same thing? Could I use this space for something else? Once you have gone through this mental list, your direction for destressing will become clearer.


  • Gather all of your bills and receipts from last year. Also, include your bank statements. Put them together with a big paper clip and keep them for tax time. Come April, you’ll be glad you have already this done.
  • Create a family binder with important documents handy, such as birth certificates, health records and other forms you will use. Also, make a section for household budget, recipes, and tax paperwork. Make sure to have information on all family members, as well as your pets. Another tip is to have a different binder for different information. For example, one for medical, one for auto, and one for pets.
  • Or you can try to go paperless as much as possible. We always have our phones in hand, so use them to your advantage. There are apps for calendars, shopping lists, and more. Plus, you’ll receive notifications and reminders for appointments and other events.


  • Find a system with your closet. Group items by type, color, and season. Use suitcases to store out of season clothes and place on the top shelves.
  • Shoe boxes make great organizers. These boxes can help store socks, underwear, t-shirts, toys, etc. Use a variety of different sizes and stack them on your closet floor or shelves. Also, ice cube trays are good for keeping your jewelry straight and untangled.
  • There are multiple ways to protect your shoes. Invest in a shoe rack at the bottom of your closet and alternate the way shoes are facing to fit more in. Don’t have space for a rack? Clear shoeboxes allow you to see what pairs you have while giving them their own spot.
  • Wooden and padded hangers are the best for keeping a garment’s shape. Also, you can use small, slim hangers to gain extra space.


I love getting a brand new planner and figuring out how to organize my schedule for the upcoming days. Choose a planner that fits your style and functionality. Sizes, layout of days and months, and different tabs can be make or break factors.

  • Use a single planner for everything. Having everything in one place is the easiest way to stay organized.
  • A color coding system is handy for keeping different events straight. For example, use pink for school, green for appointments, and blue for social activities.
  • Write down special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and important events as soon as you know them.
  • Spend some time each day and week planning out your schedule. Take 5 or 10 minutes to go over your tasks. This will also give you a chance to plan out events in the future.
  • Plan out and write down your cleaning schedule based on daily, weekly, and monthly chores.


  • Arrange your seasonings and oils in order from most to least used.
  • Keep all of your reusable containers, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags together. Whenever you need to store food, they will all be right there.
  • Glue a sheet of corkboard inside your cabinet door for recipes, dinner schedule, family calendar, and more.

Becoming organized can be a big task, but there is no better feeling than walking through your newly put-together house or glancing through your fresh planner!