Gifts for Your Girls!

You’ve been friends for 10-, 20-, or even 30-plus years, and shared many birthday and holiday celebrations together. But maybe this is the year your gift-giving needs a gentle, creative nudge! As the years pass and you realize having those lifelong friends is the best gift of all, there’s even more reason to commemorate the good times – and even the serious ones – with a gift that’s personal and heartfelt. See which of these ideas might be just right for your “inner circle” of girlfriends!

  • Framed photos of events you’ve shared together are always perfect keepsakes. Assemble an entire collage, or try this twist: Have a photo pillow made from the best shot of all of you from last Christmas.
  • Start a charm bracelet for each of you with a charm that represents a destination you’ve traveled to together over the years…and vow to keep adding adventures (and charms!).
  • Let’s say your best girls are friends from high school or even before – think of a “retro” item from your earlier years together that could be a fun surprise gift: a piece of jewelry or a board game you grew up with. Talk about memories!
  • Treat each other to a spa day – giving your friends and yourself some much-needed “me” time!
  • This may be our new favorite gift idea: Instant cocktail kits for each friend’s favorite libation. Be sure to include cute cocktail napkins with the recipe mix!
  • Order fun, personalized labels for a few bottles of your group’s favorite wine, or enroll your best girlfriends in a wine-of-the-month club. If you really want something to wrap for under their tree, we highly recommend shatter-proof wine glasses!
  • Organize a movie night at your home for after the holidays – girls only, popcorn and movie candy, and the precious gift of non-stop laughter.
  • Nothing tops a girls’ weekend away in the New Year – the perfect holiday gift from all of you to each other! Think of visiting a nearby winery or a few days at the beach.
  • Heated slippers – yes, they exist, and yes, they will thank you!
  • If this is the year you’re all feeling a little crafty, choose a project and plan a December Saturday to enjoy some creative magic together. Make that your “gift” to each other – and you just may have found a new friend tradition!
  • Buy a pretty journal for each friend, and pen something on the first page about where you first met each other and how much their friendship means to you.
  • For friends who are animal lovers, donate to their favorite charity or rescue group in their honor. (Even better, adopt a new, furry friend!)
  • Has your best friend gotten married or moved away for a new job? Put together a box of “remember when” notes – cards that each detail a fun, favorite memory you’ve shared – to open every week in her new home.
  • Assemble a basket with a card that reads, “Being friends with you makes perfect sense” and include a gift of smell, taste, sight, and sound!