Give Yourself the Gift of Health



I DO NOT BELIEVE IN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!…..I do believe in making commitments and fulfilling commitments. The greatest commitment we can make, other than our faith, is a commitment to taking care of ourselves. Are you willing to commit to a healthier body weight in 2018?

We spend countless hours, either in stores or online, shopping to find the perfect gift for someone, so why not give yourself a gift – the gift of health. Take time for yourself, “shop” for yourself, “shop” for the right foods, “shop” for the right choices, and soon you’ll be “shopping” for a new wardrobe.  For many of us, caring for others is a priority in our lives, whether we are caring for spouses, children, other family members, or even coworkers! It is hard to be our best if we are not happy with how we look or feel. Carrying around 10, 20, or more extra pounds is a drain on our self-esteem as well as our energy level. Especially in the holiday season, it is so easy to put ourselves last on the priority list. We hear and read a lot about “finding balance” in our lives, which we all can agree is a great concept! But how is that possible when we are pulled in so many directions? The digital age and electronics were supposed to make life easier but in reality, we are each more accessible at all times than ever before and we open the door for constant demands of our time and attention. Don’t fight it! Use these digital assistants to block out time for self-care. Put the phones on the “do not disturb” setting and take some time to recharge mentally and physically. Even five minutes of peace and quiet can rest our minds!

As we move into a brand new year, consider making a commitment to a new, healthier you! Set a goal to achieve a healthy body fat level. Make a plan that contains action steps to achieve that goal. Inaction results in no change! Achieving a healthy body fat level means skipping the fast food meals, saying “no thanks” to desserts, choosing water instead of soft drinks (diet and regular), getting off the sofa, and MOVING your body. Love yourself enough to “just say no” to foods with empty calories. Walk your dog! Wash your car! Get moving and burn those extra fat pounds. Use the activity tracker on your smartphone to see the steps add up each day. Set timers to prompt you to stand up and move. Put the digital assistants to work for you instead of you being their puppet! Use that fitness center membership. Take your children on a hike. Meet friends for a walk in the park. Prepare a menu for the week and cook enough food to have a nutritious meal for lunch. You know my motto: Preparation prevents desperation. Changes are rarely easy but we must take small steps to change our old habits. Work your plan every day, complete your action steps, and you will achieve your goal.

Maybe you are like me. I knew all the right things that I had to do to achieve and maintain a healthy body fat level, but it was just easier to keep putting off making the necessary changes. Last year I became a Diet Center client, along with my friend Ann, and we made a commitment to ourselves and to each other to get the excess weight off. We made a plan and worked the plan according to the Diet Center programs. Even though I now own Diet Center of Winston-Salem, I am a successful client! Embarking on a weight loss journey for anyone is never easy, but the Diet Center programs, with individual counseling, make the journey a lot more bearable and definitely successful. All of our team members have been on the journey themselves.

Diet Center has many “secret weapons” in the war against obesity. Our newest secret weapon is the Thermogenic Weight Control PatchTM. This leading-edge technological breakthrough stops cravings, suppresses appetite, and enhances metabolism to burn fat faster. Call us today at 336-770-2420 and let us help you on your weight loss journey!