Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty: Know the Facts

“Can you remove my bump?” “I have always hated my nose!” “My nose is just too big here.” “Can you make my nose shorter?” “I just want to be able to breathe!” “It’s crooked after I broke it years ago and I never got it fixed.”

These are typical things Dr. Neal Goldman hears from patients interested in rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is nasal surgery, and can either be cosmetic or corrective. There are two reasons for rhinoplasty: to help your appearance or to help your breathing. Either way, you want an experienced surgeon to discuss your options and address your concerns.

Dr. Neal Goldman of Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Winston-Salem, NC and Boone, NC, offers something unique in plastic surgery. Dr. Goldman’s practice focuses completely on facial aesthetics, so patients truly get a facial cosmetic specialist. “Patients who are thinking about rhinoplasty or any facial cosmetic surgery want an experienced physician. My patients know I deal specifically with the face and only the face on a daily basis,” said Dr. Goldman. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

“All noses are different and I try to make changes that work best for each individual patient. Some patients want a bump on their nose removed, or maybe they aren’t happy with the tip of their nose; my goal is to make the changes subtle. Our first consultation is spent getting a clear understanding of what they want, their goals and the results they are looking for. We sit in front of my computer with different views of their nose, side, angle, etc., and make the changes on the computer. This helps ensure we understand what they want and also ensure they understand what we can do. I also suggest that they bring in pictures of noses they do and don’t like and tell me why. Many times when a patient describes what they want and don’t want, it is best understood through a visual representation. I make sure I have an understanding of what they are hoping for and also what they want to avoid in their surgery,” commented Dr. Goldman.

The ideal situation for cosmetic rhinoplasty is when the patient is having septoplasty. “A patient who is having septoplasty is in the best place for cosmetic nose surgery because cartilage taken from that procedure can be used to reshape their nose and make it strong enough to hopefully last a lifetime. After surgery, recovery will depend on what is done. Most patients take about eight days off from their regular life and three weeks from rough activity and exercise. Pain medication is available, but many people have very little pain. They are bothered more by the temporary nasal obstruction after surgery that feels similar to having a cold. There can be some swelling, usually most noticeable for the first couple of weeks. There may also be some bruising around the eyes, but not always. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is convenient when the patient is transitioning from life stages, like from college to a job or over Christmas or summer breaks, because the timing works best in their life. Usually, however, there just comes a point when someone has been thinking about these changes for years and they just want to do it and get it done,” Dr. Goldman said.

Functional Rhinoplasty

“Functional changes are about helping patients breathe better. Sometimes changing the shape of the nose can make a big difference in breathing. For example, when a previous injury was never addressed, or a previous surgery now causes issues. In 2004, after seeing so many people who were desperate to breathe better, even after previous surgery attempts, I developed a new technique. I can place a thin piece of titanium metal under the skin, across the nose, much like a permanent Breathe Right strip. The beauty is it does not require tape. Most of these patients have already had a septoplasty, where their septum was straightened, but struggle to breathe because the side of the nose collapses in when they take a breath. Lifting your cheek away from your nostril to see if breathing becomes easier is an easy test to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure. There are new devices that can be placed with only local anesthesia and have even less recovery time, allowing the patient to go on with their life,” Dr. Goldman stated. For some, this might be just the answer they’re looking for: nasal airway improvement without surgery, anesthesia or nasal packing. It’s an in-office procedure that only takes a few minutes with local anesthesia.

More than anything, when considering rhinoplasty or any facial plastic surgery, you want a surgeon with in-depth experience with nasal surgeries. Dr. Neal Goldman commented, “I love seeing my patients happy after surgery. Helping them through the process to that endpoint is the best feeling and makes what I do so rewarding.”

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