Hakkachow Asian Eats Where Sushi’s Popularity is on a ‘Roll’

The rise in popularity of Japanese food these days is evident, not only across the country, but in our own city at Hakkachow Asian Eats, a restaurant that has become, since 2014, the go-to spot for Asian food. With the recently expanded sushi menu, as well as Poke bowls, customers are finding new reasons to love their favorite restaurant.

Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

Hakkachow Asian Eats is a family affair, owned by the Chung family, with son, Jonathan in the role of business development and kitchen manager, as well as creator of new dishes. As a world traveler, Jonathan brings new ideas to the kitchen with innovative and different flairs to Asian dishes you may and may not be familiar with. But no matter the dish, Jonathan focuses on the importance of using the freshest ingredients, especially when it comes to sushi. “Our dishes are inspired by the places I have visited in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Korea, as well as family recipes. I like to travel and when I do, I try things that I think may be good additions to Hakkachow’s menu, bringing those ideas back and putting a special and different touch on them. Focusing on the freshest of ingredients is my priority in the kitchen and what makes for good sushi is having access to the freshest fish possible. At Hakkachow we have very high standards, in our customer service and the dishes we offer. There are days when I do not like the fish that comes in that day and I reject it and that particular fish isn’t available on the menu because of that. Striving every day for the highest in quality is hard, but we believe it sets us apart in what we do,” Jonathan said. Offering customers Asian cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Korean, is just the beginning for Hakkachow.

From What You Expect to Thinking Out of the Box

Jonathan knows that many customers are drawn to the more traditional dishes, those timeless classics like Tso Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Spring Rolls, Lettuce Wraps and Crab Wontons, but he also wants to be the place customers choose to maybe try something completely out of the box in Asian cuisine. “Some of our customers first visited because they knew about our daily specials, like our sushi happy hour, 4-6 pm, bar top only, with highlighted sushi each day, and our Sunday sushi BOGO, plus we were voted Best Asian Restaurant 2017 and runners-up for Best Sushi Restaurant 2017 by the Winston-Salem Journal readers. I want to give customers the opportunity to explore new tastes and that is one of the focuses of our expanded sushi menu. We are known for our sushi, but we have added new combinations of sushi. Rolls are very popular now and people want to try new ones, so we have added new rolls to address those who want to try something new. We also believe that presentation is important, so our dishes look as good as they taste because of the creativity of our head sushi chef, Ken Simlamany,” commented Jonathan. A completely new take on sushi is Poke bowl, which you may not know about or have even experienced.

Poke, pronounced ‘po-kay’, is a raw, marinated fish salad, tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and Asian sauces, popular in Hawaii. “With Poke bowl, we hope to give our sushi-loving customers another option to enjoy. The marinades for the fish in a Poke bowl range from a traditional mix of soy sauce and sesame oil to more creamy and spicy Japanese sauces. Poke is a natural progression from sushi and we hope will bring in customers looking for something different,” Jonathan stated. Beyond the new sushi items and Poke bowls, Hakkachow is also expanding its sake offerings.

“Sake, rice wine, is something that we want to become known for by adding more imported Japanese sakes, as well as more flavored sakes encouraging our customers to perhaps try it for the first time. Much like wine, sakes range from dry to sweet and can be paired with food. With our signature cocktail and wine selections, expanded menu and sake, I want Hakkachow to be known as a great place to have Asian food and try new things,” said Jonathan.

Hakkachow Asian Eats is located at 615 St. George Square Ct., just off Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem, NC. Hours of operation: Mon-Thurs 11:30 – 9:30 pm; Fri 11:30- 10 pm; Sat 12-10 pm; Sun 12- 9 pm. For more information, visit Hakka-chow.com or call 336-893-8178.