Heart is Where Your Home Begins



Nestled away in the Village of Clemmons is the area’s best-kept realty secret: The Agency – Newsom Homes. While many people seek a realtor that may claim to have their best interests at heart, Delana Newsom is a unique combination of passion, empathy and endless dedication to each person that comes into contact with her. Knowing how important every client is, Delana has a team that she hand-picked to ensure that all of her clients’ needs are met with nothing less than complete contentment. After all, when it comes to the real estate business, this devoted team knows that getting the job done correctly is more than just making sure the deadlines are met – it’s about making sure the perfect home is exactly what each client is looking for.

“My dedication stems from my love of the area’s diversity and hospitality, as well as the atmosphere of the community. When you work with people who come to you with a certain expectation for their family, it’s just not acceptable for me to offer anything less than my best for them. I want to ensure that they will love their surroundings just as much as I do. If that means taking extra time to showcase their home or getting them additional details to make the best decision, I am compelled to do that, and then some. Home is where the heart is, and I want my clients to feel at home when they work with The Agency – Newsom Homes.”

With Delana’s reputation of being a devoted agent, The Agency – Newsom Homes has expanded and relocated to new headquarters at 3743 Clemmons Road in Clemmons to ensure their goals are achieved with maximum results. “With the projected volume that we foresee in 2017 and our anticipated advertising goals, as well as advanced listing tools for our clients, the new office was a must. I wanted to ensure my team’s status of excellence. In doing so, we needed to have the most accurate resources to do the job for both clients and staff. Details cannot be overlooked if something needs to be done correctly.” Whether it be a star-studded personality such as Josh Sobecki, or someone searching for their very first home, The Agency – Newsom Homes is full of the energy and focus that is definitely difficult to find in this day and age. When asked to share his thoughts about his family’s experience with Delana and her team, Josh happily exclaimed “She is absolutely amazing. Delana stuck with us for over two years and found us the perfect land and property. Anytime we called, she was there in a heartbeat.”

The Agency – Newsom Homes team is a well-rounded combination of expertise and talent. Delana Newsom, Owner and Listing Agent, proudly demonstrates the strengths of her associates and how their qualities continue to foster the morals that are the backbone of her organization. Brian Welsh and Jillian Dennis are both enthusiastic Buyer’s Agents who immerse themselves in their love of people, travel and the ability to share these enjoyments in their everyday work ethics. “Brian and Jillian both grasp the importance of incorporating their personal interests into the requests of the clients that they are working with. The Agency – Newsom Homes concept is more than just being a team of realtors who can crunch numbers and push paperwork; it’s about feeling and knowing what the clients’ needs are and being motivated to use that ability during each new encounter. It takes a special agent to allow personal inspirations to help build distinctive client relationships,” shares Delana. With so many areas that can be easily overlooked, it’s no wonder that Delana also heavily relies on Jill Davis, her Contract to Close Coordinator, for the bulk of the “nitty-gritty” details. From start to finish, there is a very large but specific list of components in any real estate transaction that must be followed. “If any detail is missed, mishandled or carried out in the wrong capacity, it impacts both our client and our entire team,” Delana explains. “The first goal for us is to demonstrate that we are the best for the job. Attention to detail and additional observance of what is needed can make a world of difference. Having a buyer call me personally to share how happy they are with one of the team makes my day. This isn’t about selling a home. It is about serving people and caring for them effectively. There is a home for every buyer and buyer for every home. We feel we are the best, but proving that to those that place their trust in us is our daily goal.”

With 2017 starting out stronger than ever, Delana Newsom has been working closely with cutting edge marketing strategies, including rebranding for her company and extensive research on the best ways to continue having the focus be on The Agency’s clients versus The Agency itself. Jacie Hilbourn is the Operations Manager who has already planned for a flourishing year full of website updates, increasing the social media aspects of The Agency – Newsom Homes and implementing new techniques to allow anyone to search for what they want easily and without delay. “Knowing that there are always new, improved ways to get people what they want and need faster means keeping it available to those who need it,” said Delana. “I look at everything as if it were my own – if it’s something that I am using, then my clients should as well.” Delana’s need to help others is more than just a mere business tactic. “There is a saying that sums up my business mantra to a T: Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. All of the little things add up in more ways than one. If The Agency – Newsom Homes team can capture those little things, we get the privilege of being a very important part of everyone that we work with. There is no better way to end every single day than that.”

Contact Delana Newsom at 336-577-6580 or delana@newsomhomes.com

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