Holiday Traditions Renewed

I I seem to get reflective each time the seasons change, thinking about the season that just passed, and what lies ahead. When fall arrives, I’m all-consumed with everything pumpkin. Yet in the back of my mind, I know that the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and the mental to-do list kicks into full gear.

Unfortunately, one of the items on that list has gotten neglected in my Holiday traditions. With no good excuse, in the past couple of years I have not sent Christmas cards. I would tell myself I didn’t have enough time or that postage was too expensive. However, I recently ran across this fact from Hallmark research: “Nearly 3/4th feels when they receive a holiday greeting.”

That one line just rocked my world – it is so true! I love getting Christmas cards in my mailbox each year, and seeing how friends and family that I may not be in constant contact with are doing. I enjoy the pictures of families and take to heart the well wishes received. With my love language being gift giving, how could I have forgotten how important this simple gesture can be to so many?

Therefore, I am recommitting myself to send my Holiday greetings for 2014 and wishing all a joyous New Year! Won’t you join me?