Holidays with Harley: A one-stop shop for everyone!

Holiday shopping can always be a stressful time of year. It’s hard to find shops where you can do one-stop shopping for everyone on your list, and it’s even harder to find shops that allow you to keep your dollars local.

Smokin’ Harley-Davidson is the one-stop shop that can solve both problems for you.

“A lot of people think because it’s a motorcycle shop that that’s all we do,” said Jan Hawkins, the Motorclothes Manager for Smokin’. “Some people still have this image of what a Harley rider is. Once those people come in you can see a wave come across them as they realize that it’s not the case.”

Jan said that what sets Smokin’ apart is the top tier customer service they offer their customers. You won’t walk through their doors without receiving a warm greeting and an offer to help find an item for yourself or someone on your list.

You’ll even be supporting a local business as you shop. Although Harley-Davidson is an internationally known product, shops like Smokin’ are individually owned. Smokin’s owner and onsite manager Ray Perry is a 26-year Navy veteran who worked with Harley-Davidson for 13 years before taking over operations at Smokin’ Harley-Davidson.

During the holidays Smokin’ likes to remind its customers that, even if not everyone in their life is a rider, they can make one trip and find something that everyone on their shopping list will love.

For Men and Ladies

They carry accessories such as Harley-Davidson headwear, jewelry and sunglasses. There’s also a wide range of general apparel like jeans, tops and footwear. “We truly offer something for everyone, and if we don’t have it here, we can order it and have it in a few days,” said Hawkins.

For Kids

Smokin’ Harley-Davidson stocks children’s sizes in lightweight jackets, infant wear, baby booties and sunglasses. They also offer toys like die cast motorcycles, basketballs and remote control motorcycles.

For Pets

They do mean everyone on your list! For the pets, they offer leads, collars, harnesses, shirts from sizes XS to XL, and stainless steel bowls. There are collars and toys for your feline friends, and if you hate to be separated from your furry pal, they even offer pet-friendly shopping.

Gifts and Collectibles

Smokin’ Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of gift items like Harley branded dart games, checkers and corn hole games. To complete the perfect man cave you can buy items like drink wear, bar supplies, wine glasses and bottle holders.

They also offer a great selection of products for your four-wheel vehicles such as license plate tags, seat covers, floor mats, hitch plugs, and steering wheel covers.

Smokin’ Harley-Davidson is located at 3441 Myer Lee Drive, Winston-Salem, NC. More information is available online at or by calling (336) 722-3106.