Horizon Financial Services, LLC

Insight, Integrity, Invested in Your Future

“Life is about building lasting relationships, both personal and professional, and it comes down to honesty and knowing you can trust someone to have your best interest at heart.” This belief is fundamental for John Brais, owner and founder of Horizon Financial Services, LLC. He and his team of advisors and staff invest a great deal of time and energy in building client relationships that stand the test of time.

John’s passion for helping people led him to financial advisement and retirement counseling in 1998 when he began his career. A desire to offer his clients a broader range of investment choices led him to begin working as an Investment Advisor Representative in 2009, eventually founding his own Registered Investment Advisory firm, Horizon Financial Services, LLC, in 2011. “Horizon Financial Services is a little different from most investment firms. We’re independent – not affiliated with any particular bank or insurance company – we’re not product, insurance or stock driven when creating an investment plan for our clients.” This autonomy allows John and his advisors to customize retirement plans tailored to each client’s needs.

A Holistic Approach

For the Horizon team, a client is much more than numbers on a statement. Taking the time to understand each client’s investment experience, tolerance for risk, family situation and life goals helps John understand each client as a complete picture and offer the best recommendations for each financial plan.

Part of this holistic approach includes the coordination of tax and estate planning. John believes that coordinating these three areas is crucial for proper planning and necessary to achieve a client’s financial, retirement and legacy goals. This “life planning” provides clients with a truly comprehensive and cohesive financial plan, giving them a better understanding of their current financial situation and a clearer vision of where they want to be in their future. According to John, “We’re hearing that our approach is different than what most people have experienced in the past. We consider tax, legal and financial planning as a ‘three-legged stool.’ You can provide much more efficient and effective planning when these segments are coordinated.”

Empowering Women in Retirement

Educating and assisting women with their financial needs is a passion for Debra Mackie, Women’s Retirement Specialist for New Horizon Financial Services, Inc. For the last five years, Debra has focused her energies on educating women through her seminars, ‘Women, Wisdom, and Wealth – Why Not?’ which are held throughout the Triad. According to Debra, “Women have been, for many years, an underserved population in financial planning. They have relied on their spouse, partner or someone else to take the lead on their financial decisions, so when life changes, they aren’t sure what to do. I educate women because with knowledge comes empowerment, leading to better financial decisions. Since women typically live longer than men, long-term care has become a major concern. As a certified long-term care advisor, I help women navigate the many different options they have available with long-term care. When you take the time to sit with me, I can help you learn the retirement and insurance options that best fit your needs, a burden is lifted, and you feel secure about your future,” stated Debra.

This April, Debra will partner with Salem College to offer the course, ‘Women, Wisdom & Wealth: Living a Successful Retirement Lifestyle.’ As lead instructor, Debra will cover a range of topics including legal and tax planning, and Social Security planning.    


A Unique Experience

John Brais and his team at Horizon Financial Services, LLC’s emphasize personal relationships and create comprehensive financial plans for their clients. Building and maintaining strong relationships through a collaborative planning process that educates and empowers clients is at the heart of John’s success. “Most people only identify or appreciate the experiences they’ve had, so they don’t realize financial planning can be done very differently. We like to say when you start a relationship with us, we’re there for life. Relationships are important to us, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients.”

Horizon Financial Services, LLC is located at 3880 Vest Mill Rd., Winston-Salem, NC. For more information, call 336-659-7060 or visit horizonfs.com.