I Wish I Knew

You know that song lyric, “I wish that, I knew what I know now, when I was younger?” from the band The Faces? Read on to what Forsyth County women wished they knew when they were younger – maybe it will be exactly what you need today:

Saying no is not offensive. “No” is a complete sentence. – Angela

Consent is everything. – Emalia

There is always another option. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! – Alexandra


If I knew I was worthy of love, I would have never married him. – Jennifer


I wish neurodiversity were laid out for everyone. That way, neurodiverse folks wouldn’t feel like aliens, and neurodiverse folks could have some empathy. – Heidi


I wish I’d known at 12 that it is ok to be gay, instead of 36. – April


Rejection doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. People show you how they feel about you…they don’t have to tell you…pay attention. – Miranda

Don’t be so caught up in raising a good kid that you forget you already have one. – Lydia

You do not expand infinitely in all directions. – Jillian

Growth and change in myself may cost me people in my life, but the cost of an inauthentic life is much higher. – Michelle


In order to establish credit, one must actually use the credit they have and not just have it for emergencies. – Shanata

I wish I had learned that it really was ok to be Queer. I was the only one in my life that had to be comfortable with my sexuality. Once I finally figured that out, I fell in love with myself and the love of my life whom I’ve spent almost 18 years with. – Vanessa

You can tell someone to take a hike (in fact, it may be necessary sometimes) and still be a nice person. – Adrienne

Never compromise who you are for another person. Remain true to yourself and the right partner will come along and celebrate exactly who you are. – Christina

You don’t have to earn the right to be comfortable in your own body. – Brooke


Having order and organization in your life is not overrated and makes embracing spontaneous opportunities so much easier. – Linda


Your job isn’t as important as you are. You need to reserve some time to live your own life, and not pour 70 hours a week into a job where they will not hesitate to replace you if you feel the need to scale it back. – Dina


I have learned how to embrace the skin I am in and be body positive for my beautiful daughter. – Bianca


Flossing is more important than you think. – Amy


Work and a paycheck are not the goal. Life should be about the moments. Love fiercely and with your whole heart.  – Shelia

Don’t get married because you think you have to by a certain age to have kids. – Amanda

My boundaries are valid. – Jacqueline

No one can make me happy/complete/whole. I am all of those things with and without anyone else. If it is to be, it’s up to me. – Becka

Living life in any way, having organization or a routine or health and wellness – is specific to each of us. It doesn’t need to be like anyone else. – Lisa


You are worthy of a life full of love, happiness and a full belly. – Leslie Ann


Always use sunscreen – and that’s not enough, use more sunscreen!  – Natalie

Five simple words I learned at 70 I wish I had learned as an early teen: “YOUR LIFE IS YOUR OWN.” – Dana