It’s Grow Time at Inner Strength Pilates

42---N&M-ped-o-pul-ResizedInner Strength Pilates (ISP) recently announced that they are expanding their space. This is great news for them and their clients – it means more space to do more! ISP is taking the available space next to their studio and will expand to 3,700 square feet. And, oh my, the plans they have! In addition to the current ISP classes, private sessions, customized sessions and massage room, with the added space comes more PilatesMat, Yoga, and Barre classes, as well as an esthetician room – and the promise of more surprises. Renovations are scheduled to begin soon with no anticipated disruption in current scheduling.

Not only is Inner Strength growing in size, they’ve been busy growing in training. The ISP staff has been training to offer additional specialized Pilates programs. Scolio-Pilates is specifically designed to help clients who have scoliosis gain strength and improve their posture and balance. One client recently mentioned in The Scoop, ISP’s newsletter, that friends had noticed a change in her posture and she realized she was experiencing less back pain.

Another client, Sissy, shared that she has benefited from Scolio-Pilates. “This technique targets my specific needs to help make the muscles supporting my spine stronger. I have a better understanding of my spinal curvature and how to manage it. And I feel healthier, and even think I walk a little taller because of it!”

It takes a great deal more energy for the body to perform if it is out of balance. Strengthening the core is critical to improved balance and posture. Studies have shown that Pilates corrective exercise treatment for scoliosis has proven beneficial. According to findings from Karena Thek in her Scolio-Pilates book:

  • Curvature of the spine can be reduced by up to 32%.
  • Pain reduction is an additional benefit to the exercise program.
  • Greater lung capacity and improved chest expansion occurs as core strength increases.
  • Untreated scoliosis progresses about 2.9 times more than with the inclusion of an exercise program.
  • Spinal fusion procedures are reduced by approximately 48 percent.
  • Scolio-Pilates is helpful in reducing post surgical pain and helps stabilize the site above and below the fusion.
  • Patients have experienced easier transition from wearing spinal braces by participating in this corrective exercise program.

42--Jacknife-Reformer-ResizedAnother new program set to launch is Core Suspend – Pilates in the air. This sounds intriguing! This program uses your own body as a weight resistance mechanism in an invigorating suspension workout. The two independently moving suspension points act as triggers to the deep, stabilizing muscles to contract and support the joints. With continual training, not only are these muscles strengthened, but the outer muscles as well.

There’s always something to learn at Inner Strength Pilates. I find that each visit brings a new way to work the powerhouse/core, and I’m able to work out in ways I would not have imagined. Needless to say, my high school gym teacher would not believe her eyes. I could not do even one chin-up back then, but now planks are my friend. Love my Pilates!

Amy Dixon and her team invite you to visit them at their studio located at 4983 Martin View Lane, Harper Hill Commons, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 (just around the corner from Harris Teeter). You can contact them at 336.813.5320 or Classes and private sessions are by appointment only.

Come experience the spa boutique atmosphere and enjoy an incredibly invigorating workout. It’s fun, good for you and you’ll leave with a renewed energy level (I sure do). Join us!