Jenn Bregman: The TimeKeepers

About the Author:

Jenn Bregman writes about the legal world; it’s a world she’s familiar with from her education and practice as a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has work experience on the east and west coasts in high profile cases. She graduated from the University of Denver and the UCLA Law School. She has been published in the UCLA Law Review and the Los Angeles Lawyer magazine.

A disciplined writer, Jenn shared that she writes for at least two hours every morning, and usually a few more hours throughout the day, letting her characters weave their stories as she types. In her spare time, she is busy with her family (her husband, twin boys, and their pugs). They enjoy the outdoors, traveling, water sports, running, hiking, and mountain climbing.

The TimeKeepers is Jenn Bregman’s first novel. She is well underway on her second, a sequel with a planned release date in 2018.


Jenn’s inspiration for The TimeKeepers derived from her extensive legal background and career. “The intense environment of winning at any cost was an integral part of the character development process,” Jenn shared. The key characters were, as Jenn stated, composites of many personalities and attributes she dealt with during her legal career. The strength and fortitude of her female characters is indicative of real life requirements in the face of small legal practices challenging massive legal partnership firms.

About The TimeKeepers:

The TimeKeepers is a thriller that will keep your attention from the first page. Sarah Brockman is a young attorney who made the decision to leave a lucrative career with a big law firm to strike out on her own. With a fledgling personal injury practice and small, dedicated staff, she struggles to keep the practice afloat. Until an accident happens, and a case that challenges her in ways she cannot imagine comes her way.

Along with the case comes a chance at love with an old friend. Sam has chosen to practice law at a large, well-known firm. His career seems to be moving quickly, but he is about to enter murky waters where his values come into question. Maurice Strickland is a powerhouse attorney who has tapped Sam for a new role. He has a way of tapping into the things that motivate and entice those he brings into his realm. However, Maurice has secrets that he’s not willing to share; even his wife Ariel doesn’t really know him. Or does she? Will Sam become part of Maurice’s plans; what about Sarah? Who is safe? Who is not?

As The Timekeepers unfolds there are several subplots that ultimately converge, but to what end? The Timekeepers storylines will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Where to Find Books by Jenn Bregman:

The TimeKeepers will be released on May 4, 2017, as a softcover book and will be available wherever books are sold (Barnes & Noble,, IndieBound, etc.). E-book versions will also be available via Kindle and Nook.

Follow Jenn on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on her website ( and be on the lookout for her sequel in 2018.