Juicing: 13 Things To Do With the Pulp

For the last three months, I’ve juiced every day. I love the taste of fresh juice and the benefits, but I admit – I hate the amount of waste. Thankfully, it’s not waste if you apply the principles of “reuse and recycle.” If you’ve ever been curious about juicing, but worry about what to do with the pulp, consider these ideas. Of course, much depends on what you’re juicing. I like variety, but almost all of my juice recipes have the foundation of spinach and carrot, coupled with fruit. Occasionally, I add celery or cucumber to the juice, but no matter what, the fruit I add always overpowers the vegetable flavor. To that end, some of these ideas may require a little interruption in the juicing process (unless you just enjoy picking bits of fruit pulp out of bits of vegetable pulp… that’s a personal choice.)

  1. Add a heaping spoonful to your yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of yogurt, mostly because the good kind is full of chemicals and artificial ingredients and the good-for-you kind is terribly bitter and needs a lot of doctoring. I’m also not a huge fan of the texture, but I can overcome that by adding a heaping spoonful of my juicing pulp to the yogurt. It adds texture and fiber and honestly – just like the juice itself, the fruit part overpowers the yogurt so I can’t really taste it.  
  2. Use the pulp for baking. While the juice itself has been extracted, the pulp is a great addition to muffins or cake recipes. It adds fiber without compromising the flavor, and you get that added bang for your buck. I especially like adding the pulp to healthy breakfast muffins! You can easily find recipes for incorporating pulp into bread or even pancakes!
  3. Add the pulp to soups and stews. This is the time you’d really want to consider pre-separating your pulp before adding the fruit.   Since I always juice my vegetables first, when my pulp is going into a stew, I pause the juicing long enough to save the vegetable pulp before I juice the fruit. It adds a hearty quality that we love!
  4. Incorporate the pulp into ground beef. Make your next hamburger (or turkeyburger) extra healthy with a helping of vegetable pulp to increase fiber and nutrients!
  5. Have your pulp pull double duty in a smoothie! If you’ve juiced, simply add the pulp to your smoothie recipe and get all the benefits from your veggies in two drinks instead of one!
  6. Make pulp-cicles. Use the juice pulp, maybe along with some of your freshly squeezed juice, to make healthy pulp-cicles to enjoy after dinner!
  7. Roll the pulp into an energy snack. Add some honey, a little bit of chia seed, maybe some coconut or dried fruit, and roll into taste energy bites for on the go snacks!
  8. Trick your kids. Kids are notorious for turning up their noses at veggies, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them – it will benefit them! Add veggie pulp to their mac and cheese, or mix it with cream cheese for a ham and cheese tortilla roll. There are lots of ways you can incorporate it into your kids’ meals without them knowing!
  9. Boil the pulp with spices and make a yummy tea. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger – all are easy to make teas with juice pulp! Have fun with your spices!
  10. Dehydrate the pulp. Use it to make homemade fruit rollups or even in a trail mix.
  11. Share with your dog! Of course, it depends on what you’re juicing, but many fruits and veggies are great for dogs. My dog loves sweet potatoes and apples. I always share with her since they are so good for her. Plus, it makes her coat extra shiny!
  12. Compost in your garden! The soil will soak up the nutrients from your pulp and help your plants grow beautifully! My husband uses juice pulp often in our garden, along with egg shells, which are also beneficial.
  13. Freeze the pulp! Use ice trays to freeze the pulp and then store in freezer bags. You’ll have access to healthy fiber anytime you’re inspired to add pulp to a recipe.

The health benefits to juicing are extraordinary and other than my coffee maker, my juicer is the most used appliance in my kitchen. I hope you will enjoy some of these ideas, and I wish you, “Happy juicing!”