Just Doodle It


Are you a doodler? What about your child or spouse? Here’s what our most prominent doodles may reveal about our personalities and intentions.

Why do we doodle?

Most of the time we’re just prompted by sheer boredom. Our brains have a constant need to be stimulated, especially when we’re sitting still doing nothing. Our minds also lead us to productivity when there is too much stagnation around us. Sometimes doodling is the most convenient option when we’re bored at work, home, school, or if we have a big, scary project at hand. But do we ever think about what our doodles really mean?

Flowers. When someone’s notepad is scribbled with abundant flowers, it means she is very sociable, family-oriented, and has a pleasant personality. Flowers likely mean that the doodler admires nature and sees the beauty of it. They are generally happy people who want the best for everyone.

Arrows. One who draws arrows is ambitious and future-oriented. This person is determined to reach the goal to which the arrow is “pointing.” It is likely these goal driven people doodle arrows because their calling in life is always on their minds.

Clouds. If the clouds are white and fluffy, this person is likely a daydreamer who feels a sense of freedom, or longs for freedom. But if the clouds appear stormy, this person may have difficulty coping with a problem.

Geometric shapes. Means that one is very organized, practical, and seeks solutions to difficult situations. One who doodles three-dimensional cubes is very efficient and seeks structure in their life. One who doodles triangles tends to be aggressive and willing to accomplish whatever goals you have in life.

Faces. This can signify multiple things. If the person doodles a good-looking, happy face, it means they naturally see the good in others. If it’s a strange, unattractive face, they probably don’t trust others enough. If the doodled face is comical, they are either humorous, entertaining, or desire to be the center of attention.

Stick figures. These doodles reflect someone who is in control of their emotions and has an ideal image of themselves in mind. It is believed that highly successful people draw stick figures because they have a vision of who they want to be and are focused on their life goals.

Hearts. The person who continuously doodles hearts has love on the brain! They are either in love with someone, longing to be in a relationship, or just a loving person in general.

Zigzags. These sharp doodles reflect an energetic thinker who is very proactive. It could also mean that the doodler has aggressive, masculine characteristics (whereas soft, curvy doodles reveal a romantic, feminine approach to things).

Houses. Someone who doodles a house has a need for security. A neat drawing of a house suggests that the person feels happy and secure at their home. A messy drawing of a house possibly means the person has an unstable household.

Spider webs. This can symbolize someone who feels trapped in a situation. It can also mean that the doodler wants to entice someone into a sticky situation or relationship.
If the person doodles her own name, she desires to be the center of attention. Doodling someone else’s name more than likely means she has someone special on her mind or it can mean that the doodler is bothered by someone else.

Stars. Stars indicate that the doodler is optimistic and looks forward to things. If she sketches clusters of stars, she’s likely to be a fierce romantic. Large, bold stars indicate that the doodler has a definite goal in life and is determined to accomplish that goal (maybe she doodles arrows, too!). If the doodler scribbles asymmetrical stars, she is likely to have an energetic personality.

Look at your Post It slips in your workspace. Do you see any random doodles whatsoever? What about your child’s notebook? What do those doodles reveal? Boredom or something more meaningful? Maybe doodles aren’t so pointless. Maybe they reveal a little about what lies in our subconscious minds. But just remember to drop that doodling pen and take advantage of life!