Keeping It Real: He’s Good!

A few months ago, a wonderful church in this city invited me to speak. But just prior to standing before the people, I catapulted to the floor without warning. The impact shattered and scattered my pelvis (you know, that thing that supports your entire weight!) and broke my arm.

For three grueling days, I lay in traction awaiting surgery. Medications could not suppress the pain or stop my mind from rehearsing doctors’ prognoses. Every medical conversation reiterated the gravity of the situation. Life after recovery didn’t sound “recovered” at all. I could not grasp the prospect of life with a permanent limp, debilitating arthritis and multiple surgeries. It loosed floodgates of tears. I wrestled a tidal wave of fears.

Worse, I kept hearing the most bizarre reactions to the incident.

“God must not have wanted you to speak today.”

“Everything happens for a reason. You just have to trust Him.”

“God must have needed you to touch people at the hospital, not the church.”

Huh? They made it sound as if God slammed me to the floor for…what? Some “greater good”? How could a good Father do anything even remotely similar?

Think about it. As crazy as your kids make you, would you ever inflict disease upon them to “get their attention”? Would you ever slam your children to the floor, shattering their bones just to “teach them something”? You wouldn’t consider this for your most rebellious child, much less the one who loves you and does what you are teaching them. How can we attribute such motives to our Good Father?

Tracing every event in life back to God completely misrepresents who He is. Jesus made the battle that is raging for your “now” and your “next” explicitly clear. Satan comes to steal your hope and your help, to kill your dreams before they get off the ground, and to utterly destroy you and your generations. Jesus comes to give you LIFE until it overflows with abundance. (John 10:10). It’s plain enough for a four-year-old to understand.

God is good. He’s always good. He’s always all good! You cannot exaggerate His goodness, no matter how you try. The Father’s love is too incomprehensible to explain but never too great to experience.

If we believe less about God, we believe a lie. When we believe a lie, we empower it in our living. It misleads us to blame God for the bad while we take credit for the good. It’s just so messed up.

So, what comes to mind when you think about God? A.W. Tozer rightly said that this is the most important thing about you. Distorted understanding of God’s nature warps every other belief you hold.

Let me tell you what I attribute to God in this horrific incident and recovery. My Good Father has so accelerated my healing that every medical professional observing it stands utterly confounded. In fact, as I write this, I am still not supposed to place any weight whatsoever on my left side. But not only am I out of the wheelchair, I am walking on my own without a limp! (Remember, that supposedly permanent limp?)

I have such confidence in this Good Father that I believe I will not only recover, I will be better than before. Why? Because God seeks my good, always, in every situation. I fully trust that whatever hell does to harm me, God uses to heal me.

I don’t know what you face today, but I urge you: stop blaming God for it. When you belong to Him, He will put His hands on that situation and restore you as only a Good Father can. I’m telling you, His intentions toward you are good, ALWAYS good! You can see His heart in every promise He makes and every promise He keeps. I’m living proof!

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