Keeping It Real: Made To Love

Relationships. They provide the sweetest moments in this life, don’t they? They create some of the most painful ones, too. Most days, it seems we can’t live with people, and we can’t live without them. (You know I’m telling the truth!) We long to share the deep places of our souls, yet promises broken cause us to build roadblocks. Perpetual disappointment prompts us to post “no entry” signs along the intimate corridors of our hearts. In spite of it all, somewhere deep inside us, we know we were made to love!

Because imperfect relationships breed inevitable heartache, too often, we settle for a less invasive interaction — you know, the type that serves its purpose without requiring vulnerability. We get to control how close things get and how much is required of us.

It’s a shame, really. Relationships tainted by human frailties too often distort our perspective and rob from us real, fulfilling relationships…especially the most fulfilling relationship for which we were made. Don’t you know the primary reason you are here? You are here because your Creator was in love with the idea of YOU. He was obsessed with thoughts of a loving, lasting relationship with, yes…YOU!

Tragically, when it comes to our relationship with God, many of us acknowledge Him, even love Him, but for all practical purposes, we desire the noninvasive approach, don’t we? It’s not that God isn’t important; it’s just that we need to keep things manageable. Not to mention, we do need a few small things from this Lover in the meantime, right? “I need assurance that God loves me, no matter what. I need to know I’m a good person, and oh yeah, I need a promise that everything is going to be ok. I think that will do!”

In other words, we seek occasional acknowledgment. But intimacy? That’s entirely too close. It feels almost intrusive. Let’s be honest. We want God to condone our lives without getting too involved in them. “Don’t invade my world! Don’t challenge my views! Don’t question my attitudes or my actions! Just love me and let me be.” Noninvasive relationship.

I interact with people every day who enjoy just enough of God to be miserable. They let in just enough of Him to feel dutiful but not enough to experience His all-consuming love. They can’t see that living half-heartedly in this relationship with God is missing it altogether! When we fully embrace the Lover of our souls, He envelops us and fills every crevice of our being…including those places we try so hard to insulate.

Think about it. An intimate relationship is honest with unlimited access. Such authentic love is deeply invested in our good. God loves us where we are, no matter how messed up we may be, but He loves us far too much to leave us there. Girls, if you’re maintaining boundaries with God, you’re missing the boat! You’re missing the adventure of your life! Your days will continue to dissatisfy. You’ll keep moving from one disappointment to another. Your search for fulfillment will come up short every time.

God wants an authentic, intimate relationship with you more than your heart can imagine, but get this. He waits to be wanted. He won’t push Himself on you. God lets you choose Him. Once we decide to really let Him in, God heals the brokenness, straightens what is bent and fills the holes as only He can. The outcome? We feel beautiful. We feel known. We feel purposed. We feel loved to death — no, to life!

This Love causes my journey to matter. God jumpstarts my mornings. He sets the rhythm to my days. And, as the sun settles, readying for the next rise, this Love settles me into a place of sweet contentment.

Where is your line, that place you say, “Come no closer?” Trust me when I tell you that your line is killing you! Let Him in, way down deep! Say it: “Come, Lord Jesus, meet with me this day in the secret places. I need you desperately!” Why? Because we were made to love and be loved by the One who waits for us. For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at