Keeping It Real: It’s Ridiculous!

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Have you seen a full-fledged, mind-boggling phenomenon? Well, fasten your seatbelt and hang on. Here we go!

In March, a horrific incident radically altered my life. Just before standing to speak at a conference, I somehow catapulted to the ground. The impact crushed my pelvic socket. Ambulances rushed me to Forsyth Hospital and eventually to Baptist Hospital where medical teams strategized treatment for my shattered left side.

For three days, I laid in traction awaiting surgery. Pain wracked my body. Not even morphine could dull the torment. The days following surgery dragged, with every part of me essentially paralyzed – except my thoughts. They raced at light-speed, replaying the doctor’s dismal prognosis in an endless loop.

This active girl would not walk for a very long time. A limp would forever mar my stride. More surgeries loomed in my future. When I dared mention aspects of my daily routine, doctors quickly relegated those activities to history. My life seemed to have vanished without warning.

The one who had energetically met others’ needs suddenly became needy. My incredible family tended to every detail of my care – an exhausting, around-the-clock job. Those weeks proved even more difficult than I could have imagined.

But, no matter how desperate the situation got, my family believed the impossible for me and with me. When doctors’ forecasts of my future started ringing louder in my head than God’s Promises, my family stepped in to redirect my perspective.

In those agonizing weeks, an army of believers surrounded me, banking on what seemed absolutely ridiculous to the rational mind. We knew if God has ever healed, He heals now. Each day was another uphill climb, but I refused to quit on the One who has never quit on me. I trusted that He could and that He would show off in my story. Against all hope, I vowed to believe God more than I believe anything else.

Halfway through my wheelchair confinement stage, I returned to the surgeon for a follow-up. He viewed X-rays…then uttered the unthinkable. All the experts knew I should need significantly more time in the wheelchair. But, the X-rays revealed something altogether different – my shattered side inexplicably appeared as strong as, if not stronger than, my unharmed side. Specialists analyzing the images – and my physical progress – stood absolutely confounded. Explaining this unexplainable phenomenon proved far above their expertise. In fact, as professionals measured my left side’s flexibility, they called it “ridiculous.”

Long before this girl should have placed any weight whatsoever on that side, she walked into a gym and rigorously exercised (the thing experts adamantly declared as history). She continued to walk out the miracle, without even a limp!

Those who witnessed the severity of the trauma and heard the doctors’ prognoses visibly grasp the magnitude of the miracle! Every impossibility they now witness would seem utterly “ridiculous” unless Christ is indeed the Healer.

I don’t know what impossibility crushes you in this season, but hear me. The God who did the “ridiculous” for me can surely do it for you. The same God who miraculously multiplied a boy’s loaf-and-fish lunch can multiply your little into much. The same God who healed the physically diseased and the emotionally wrecked can restore you beyond belief. His love has not run dry. His power has not grown weak. He does miracles so great, right here and right now.

I’ve been abundantly blessed with an army of folks who dare to believe the “ridiculous.” Right now, I stand with you to believe for the “ridiculous” in your story. Can you do that with me? Sure, the facts stacked against you play on “repeat” in your head. But, don’t let them talk you out of believing for the Impossible. If the facts were not stacked against you, you wouldn’t need the Impossible. Impossible is never impossible with God! Waves of the unexplainable await those who wholly believe God more than they believe anything else! It’s wonderfully “ridiculous!”

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