Lemon Jack

For the band members of Lemon Jack, while their musical backgrounds may vary, the general consensus of why they do what they do is, “to have the most fun we can have without getting arrested!” When you think about it, that is a pretty good reason.

Lemon Jack has its roots in classic rock, Southern rock and alternative rock, finding influence from bands like the Rolling Stones, the Black Crows, Rush, Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. By day, band members Chris Myers, Thomas Baucom, Kevin Beroth, Scott Southerland and Mike Blizard have ‘regular’ jobs and lives, but their music is a way of expressing themselves and sharing with their audiences.

Chris Myers – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica

After graduating from Ben L. Smith High School in 1988, Chris, an Altoona, PA native, completed audio engineering training in Hartford, Connecticut in 1991. Chris currently lives in Greensboro with his wife Lee Ann and their two daughters, Mackenzie and Elizabeth. He spends his daytime hours as a production manager for Renewal by Andersen, but the nights are for hanging with the boys of Lemon Jack. “I think I recall starting to write songs in my crib. My first band was in the 7th grade and I have been addicted to music ever since. I joined Lemon Jack after answering an ad that Scott, Kevin and Mike placed on a social media site, Bandmix, and I liked the guys right away and thought it was a good fit,” said Chris.

Thomas Baucom – keyboard, guitar

“I grew up playing in the Moravian brass band which led to being drum major in my high school band at West Forsyth in Clemmons. My parents were always very supportive and either bought or found many different instruments for me over the years. I was a ‘band dork’ that took piano lessons, played trumpet, learning to play the guitar in middle school. From West Forsyth, I played in the marching band at NCSU, where I met my wife. After meeting Scott (Southerland), a former advisor in my church’s youth group, at a youth carnival, he asked me to come and jam with the guys and the rest is history. Today, when not playing, I work for Apple, Inc.,” Thomas commented.

Kevin Beroth – drums

What his dad thought was a fleeting thing, Kevin has turned into an after-hours passion when he gets off work from Beroth Oil/4 Brothers Food Stores. “I got into music when I heard ‘Back in Black.’ When I was 14, my parents bought me a really small drum kit when Dixie Music Company went out of business…my dad said the drum thing would last a couple of weeks. I’m grateful to them for being supportive and STILL letting us use the practice space that is above their garage,” Kevin stated.

Scott Southerland – bass

Growing up in Winston-Salem, and having neighbors who would blast Ted Nugent and Billy Squier late into the night is a memory that Scott has of his early love of music. “I started playing trombone at 8 and guitar at 11. Sometime around 1993, Kevin (Beroth) handed me a bass and said ‘play this’ and I haven’t been able to get away from it. Playing bass is completely different than my job at BB&T. I enjoy my time with the guys and then as a husband to my wife Valerie, and my kids, Sarah and Ellie,” said Scott.

Mike Blizard – guitar

At the age of 11, Mike recalls his brother playing ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush on his car’s 8 track and that did it for him and music. “I had to get a guitar to be cool and after taking a couple of lessons, I am mostly self-taught. We all come from different jobs; I work at Graybar Electric Company in Winston-Salem and am busy with my wife Kellie and kids, Justin and Marissa. But as a band, we enjoy seeing our audiences enjoy our music, both covers and original songs alike,” Mike commented.

If you are a fan of classic rock and Southern rock, Lemon Jack plays local venues like River Ridge Tap House, Ziggy’s and Carlyle’s, but they are also available for private parties. For more information, email the band at lemonjackband@gmail.com and visit their Facebook page for information on upcoming performances.