Life Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Making Life Easier

There are countless problems you encounter on a daily basis that can put a little speed bump in your day. Life hacks are those “aha!” moments where you find the simplest solution to your daily problems, oftentimes using items immediately at your disposal. Each month this column will take you through some creative hacks to use in all different areas of your life to make your day to day activities as simple as possible. This month we’ll explore some beauty tips that will improve your makeup-free skin, act as cheats for your hair and nails, expedite your morning makeup routine, and more.

112-LifeHacksLiner-copy-SFWUse Mascara as Liner
It’s no secret that makeup is expensive so cheats to help you get around having to rush to the drugstore are always useful. If you’ve run out of your eyeliner and need a replacement, run your liner brush across your mascara brush and use your mascara as a liner.

Vaseline Base for Perfume
Good perfume is crazy expensive these days so why not make it last as long as possible? Before you spritz on your favorite scent on your pulse points, dab each area with some Vaseline or petroleum jelly first. Remember to focus your scent on the following pulse points to get maximum results: behind ear, inside wrist, base of throat, inside elbow and behind knee.

White Shadow Base
It’s hard to find eye shadows that stand the test of your work day or a night out without looking clown-like at the beginning of the day. A simple solution to this problem is to swipe your lid with a simple white shadow before applying your color. This helps provide a base for the color you want and stops your desired color from sticking in the creases of your lid later in the day.

Natural Glowing Face Wash
We all need a dewy, glowing feeling every now and then. Instead of dropping top dollar on a face wash with a brand name, try this simple mixture of items you probably already have in your home. Use a small amount of coconut oil, about the size of a pencil eraser, and just a pinch of baking soda. Apply to your face in gentle circular motions. The grittiness of the baking soda assists in exfoliating and the coconut oil rehydrates and gives a glow. You may appear very oil immediately afterwards, but just give your skin a few minutes to soak in the oil. In between face washings, moisturize with the coconut oil.

112-LifeHacksMani-SFWNeat Manis and Pedis
Going to the nail salon once or twice a month can eat a chunk out of your budget so it’s always preferable to do your own polish changes when you can. Since most of us are not trained nail technicians, we tend to get messy when we paint our own nails, especially when we have to paint our dominant hand. A quick and easy solution to messy manis and pedis is to take a small paint brush or retired make up brush, dip it in some Vaseline or Aquaphor, and spread a thin layer around your nail bed where you usually get stray color. When you’re finished and your nails are dry, wipe it away.

Eye Shadow for Thicker Hair
For you ladies with thinner hair than you might like, you can create the illusion of thicker hair with items already in your makeup kit. Simply grab a shadow or concealer brush and an eye shadow that most closely matches your hair color, and dust a small amount of shadow down your part line. Ta da! Thicker hair with no expensive shampoos, extensions or other pricey solutions.