Life Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Making Life Easier

There are countless problems you encounter on a daily basis that can put a little speed bump in your day. Life hacks are those “a-ha!” moments where you find the simplest solution to your daily problems, often using items immediately at your disposal. Each month this column will take you through some creative hacks to use in all different areas of your life to make your day-to-day as simple as possible. For November we’ll explore hacks that will make your next move an easier one.

Transporting closets full of clothes can be tedious. Removing them from hangers and finding enough boxes or bags to transport all of your folded items creates a time and space management problem during your move. To cut both your time and space needs in half, try grabbing a box of trash bags (consider larger bags if you’re moving bulky clothes during the winter months) and sectioning off your closet by bagging the clothes and tying them off at the top of the hangers.

Your large pots, crock-pots, and mixing bowls generally don’t offer a lot of stacking and compacting opportunities during a move. Why not utilize them to carry your awkward and free-floating objects? Fill your bulky pots with utensils, silverware, spices, etc.

Other heavy and awkward packing items are linens, electronics and books. Instead of packing these items into boxes that are going to be heavy and awkward to move, utilize your suitcases (particularly the ones with wheels). This will allow you to move these items easily and safely without added effort or boxes.

If you’re utilizing a moving company for your big moving day, or even if you’re just calling on your friends and family, you need to have a game plan in place. Leading up to your move, and as you’re packing your boxes, make sure you’re marking each one with a colored tape or color-coding dots. If you can print out a floor plan of your new home, you can create a guide for your movers that coordinates with your colored dots. If you can’t print out floor plans, you can always type a key with the colors and their respective locations.

Another handy way to move your utensils, silverware trays, knife blocks and other similar items is to wrap in clinging plastic wrap. This allows you to keep your items in the same bundle or organization that they’re currently in with little effort. Once you get moved, make sure you have a couple of box cutters handy and unpack with a quick slice.

An easy thing to forget about when undertaking a big move is being prepared for the first night in your new home. In the rush of getting everything packed and moved, you don’t want to forget to prepare a few necessities that you’ll need and may not want to unpack right away. Make sure to tuck your toothbrush, some shower and grooming items, a change of sheets for each bed, towels for everyone in the house, chargers for electronics and at least one change of clothes in a backpack or small suitcase for your first night or two.