Life Hacks – Tips and Tricks for Making Life Easier: Wine Bottles and Corks

There are countless problems you encounter on a daily basis that can put a little speed bump in your day. Life hacks are those “a-ha!” moments where you find the simplest solution to your daily problems, often using items immediately at your disposal. Each month this column will take you through some creative hacks to use in all different areas of your life to make your day to day as simple as possible. For April we’ll explore neat hacks for those leftover wine bottles and corks.

If you have a wobbly chair or table that needs some balance, or wood or laminate floors that need protection from scooting furniture, then you have a solution waiting in a nearly empty wine bottle. Remove the cork and boil in water for a few minutes to soften. Use a binder clip to hold the cork safely while you cut it. Using an Exacto knife, slice off approximately ¼ inch circles. Use glue or removable adhesives like Command strips to attach the back of the cork to your furniture.

Clips for resealing bags of chips or other food items are inexpensive to buy but always seem to disappear or break easily. You can start a collection of wine corks and have a never-ending supply of clips for the future. You’ll want to boil your corks once again to make them easier to cut. Grab your binder clip again but, this time, insert the cork into the clip vertically. Using an Exacto knife make a slice down the center. Voila! Keep your snacks fresh without spending a penny.

Do you have a messy closet or junk drawer that needs cleaning and reorganizing? Another easy, and free, solution lies in a wine cork. For this hack, you’ll need some bungee cord and a drill. Drill two holes in the cork close to the size of your bungee cord. The length of your bungee cord will vary by what you need to organize. Thread each end of the cord through a hole and tie in a knot.

For this project, you will want a wine bottle with a twist top instead of a cork. To add to the look, you may want to remove the label from the bottle. First, clean the inside of the bottle by filling with soapy water and run water into the bottle until there are no suds. Fill your kitchen sink with warm water and pour in laundry detergent. Stir the water until all the detergent is dissolved. Put bottle in sink and make sure it is submerged. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Peel all labels off, and if any residue remains, you can remove with acetone and an old cloth. To prepare your bottle lid, use a hammer and nail, or a drill, to puncture a hole in the bottle lid. Fill your wine bottle with water and put your lid back on. Make a two-inch hole in your planter for your bottle and insert the wine bottle upside down in the planter.

For some refreshing refrigerator décor, grab some corks, a screwdriver and paring knife, a hot glue gun, some small magnets, and succulent clippings. Begin by punching a hole in the top of your cork with the screwdriver. Then take the paring knife and wiggle it into the hole to carve out a space for your succulent. You’ll want to go about halfway down into the cork. Use your hot glue gun to affix the magnets to the back of your cork and allow to dry. If your cork has a design, make sure to leave that facing forward to add to the look of your creation. Fill your cork planters with soil and put a single succulent clipping in each. Spray your new planters with a squirt bottle of water once or twice a week as needed.