Lil Briar Patch: When God Closes a Door, He Opens Another

Since 2000, The Briar Patch has been known as a unique gift, garden and gourmet shop in Winston-Salem. For the past nine years, Robyn Puffenbarger has worked hard to develop the garden oasis known today as The Lil’ Briar Patch. It’s truly been a family affair with Robyn’s mom and son, Khaled, helping out! The Lil’ Briar Patch has been a hidden gem, offering guests a place to relax, have a glass of wine, enjoy live music, take a class, find a perfect gift or even get married! Hundreds of locals have found comfort in this special niche Robyn so creatively carved into the heart of Winston-Salem’s busiest retail area.

However, recent changes have forced a re-evaluation of priorities. Robyn and her new husband, Chip, were married in the wine garden this past May. Her marriage expanded her family by three, though. Not only did she get her husband, but two new sons, Trip and Axel.

“We have prayed and prayed for answers over what the next steps for the business should be and the wisest course of action for our family,” shared Robyn. “I’ve invested so much of myself in The Lil’ Briar Patch, but I knew something needed to change. I was torn. Though my family is my priority, I have a genuine love for my shop and customers. God knew it wasn’t an easy decision for me, but when you pray for direction, He lays out the path before us, and we must be willing to walk down it in faith.”

The property which The Lil’ Briar Patch sits on has been sold, and at the end of this year, the physical store will be closing. However, this is certainly not the last chapter in this story!

The new chapter began when God Saw fit to bring together two people whose life is rooted in love – not only for each other but for the people that they serve. Robyn is known throughout the community for her creative genius with florals and interior design and seasonal decorating. She’s been commissioned by many local businesses to create flower beds and seasonal container gardens for spring and fall. On average, she designs and plants over 600 containers a year on site at customers’ homes, as well as estates and local hotels. Chip, on the other hand, has a great deal of experience and expertise in construction and hardscaping, and some in landscaping.

So not only did God bring Robyn and Chip together, but He gave them complementary talents so ideal that His direction couldn’t be plainer if He had installed a neon light above the idea! Over the last several months they have been away from the shop quite a bit on large landscaping projects and home redesign & remodeling jobs.

The Lil’ Briar Patch is transitioning to Briar Patch Design. Robyn and Chip will be offering home redesigns & remodeling, landscaping, hardscaping, seasonal container planting (for spring and fall), water features and more! They will continue to serve Winston-Salem and surrounding areas, including all of the Lake Norman area where they live!

“I know that the next few months will be challenging and emotional,” shared Robyn. I’m grateful, though that God has opened a new door that will enable me to share what I love to do with my husband and continue to serve the customers who have entrusted so much to me over the years!”

Lil Briar Patch is located at 2055 Van Buren Street in Winston-Salem and will be open through December 2016. The store’s number will continue to be operational, and you can contact Lil Briar Patch, soon to be Briar Patch Design, at 336.768.6990. Stay up to date on the business by visiting or “liking” them on Facebook.