Local Entrepreneur Shares His Story of Faith and Recovery


Michael Roels, co-founder/owner/therapist, at Essential Balanced Bodywork, released his first book on August 25, 2016, Turning Pain into Love, sharing his path from a devastating automobile accident/recovery to his life’s work that he shares with his clients.

What led you to share your story? “For years, family, clients and friends encouraged me to share the experiences from my automobile accident and the aftermath. As a young adult, to hear that I was likely going to be disabled and in my 20s was hard to fathom. After years of pain and suffering, a nurse mentioned the side effects of all the pain medications I’d taken. Soon after that, I was lead to massage school; primarily since massages were the only therapy from which I had any relief from chronic pain. I knew that I could relate to my clients who dealt with chronic pain and suffering from first-hand experience.”

Do you have more books planning? “Yes, actually the next book is in the process of being written. It will be the true story about a burn survivor who was burned more than 60 percent of her body. She uses her experiences as a way to help other survivors find their paths to healing. Her story will be an uplifting journey to others facing similar circumstances.”

Book Review:

Turning Pain into Love is a book about the power of God working through someone to transform his or her suffering into a lifelong blessing. “I feel that with the belief in something greater than ourselves, a positive attitude and the intention to make a difference in the world, a person can turn anything into a gift,” said Michael.

The book begins with the life-changing event, a head-on collision that resulted in years of debilitating pain and suffering. Michael shares the various stages he experienced, the impact to his personal life and the mental/emotional toil he faced. Once Michael completed massage school, he worked as a massage therapist in California, Hawaii and North Carolina. He developed his technique, RoelsMethod, which he teaches to other therapists interested in helping clients in chronic pain.

The book is Michael’s story of hope, faith, strength and recovery. It is a positive message with tools for others to use/embrace in their own lives.

What others are saying about Turning Pain into Love:

“If you are living with chronic pain of any kind, and despair of seeing that ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ this book is for you,” said Bonnie Cehovet, professional book reviewer/author.

“This is an extraordinary story of the power of the human spirit,” said Katie M. “Michael is an inspiration and demonstrates time and again how, with a positive attitude and a faith in God, anything is possible.”

Where to find Turning Pain into Love:

Upcoming events for Turning Pain into Love include:

  • Book reading/signing at Park Road Books, Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Road in Charlotte on October 1st from 11am-1pm.
  • Authors Rodeo on October 30th from 2-4pm at Scuppernong Books, 304 South Elm Street in Greensboro.

Turning Pain into Love can also be found on Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle, Essential Balanced Bodywork (available with a personalized message) and Barnes & Nobles.com. The Turning Pain into Love website is linked to the Essential Balanced Bodywork website as well.

Essential Balanced Bodywork is located at 2575 Old Glory Road, Suite #500 in Clemmons. You can pick up your copy of Turning Pain into Love and have it personalized by Michael. Give them a call at 336.918.9343, or visit their website at EssentialBalancedBodywork.com or TurningPainIntoLove.com. You can also follow the book on Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.