Local Vocals: Big Daddy MoJo

The band members of Big Daddy MoJo couldn’t have more different backgrounds, but when they come together, the result speaks for itself – they have been voted ‘The Best Band in the Triad’ by ‘Yes! Weekly’ for four consecutive years.

Like many bands in the Triad, Big Daddy MoJo has its roots on Craigslist when guitarist Lance Lucas placed an ad looking for musicians interested in forming a Winston-Salem based blues band. Since its formation in 2010, the band has undergone several changes, including adding different styles of music and several members, playing about 60 shows each year.

Brett Munn – Lead Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica
‘Local boy’ Brett Munn grew up in Jamestown, NC, and moved to Lewisville in 1989 to go into private practice as an optometrist. But after being diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis, Brett sold both of his practices in Yadkin County and retired in 2008, leaving a huge void in his life. “Music has been part of my life since the age of 12 when I learned to play the piano by watching my grandmother’s player piano form chords. In high school I joined my first band as a keyboardist and am currently the worship leader at New Hope Presbyterian Church in Clemmons, NC. In 2008 I answered a Craigslist ad for ‘a front man that could play some guitar and harp.’ I turned to my wife, Laura, and said, ‘That’s me. They’re looking for me!’ Being part of Big Daddy MoJo has helped me deal with my myasthenia gravis and given me an outlet at a tough time in my life,” said Brett. Along with ‘The Best Band in the Triad’ recognition, Brett was named ‘Best Vocalist in the Triad’ for 2011, 2012 and 2014, by ‘Yes! Weekly.’

Lance Lucas – Lead Guitar, Vocals
This Wichita, Kansas native came to the Triad in 2008 when he married a local girl. Lance grew up in a musical family with a grandmother who was a trained opera singer and played piano in theatres for silent movies. “My mom taught piano lessons and still plays ‘boogie woogie’ at age 84, and sang in trios for years. I learned to play on a friend’s guitar until, by mowing enough yards, I could pay for my first guitar,” Lance recalled.

Andy McHone – Bass, Vocals
Like his band mates Brett and Lance, Andy McHone took an early interest in music by playing the piano at age 8. “I grew up in Dobson, NC, and played the piano, as well as the trumpet at age 11 and the guitar at 12. Three years later, I joined a band. I just began playing bass a few years ago and joined Big Daddy MoJo in the fall of 2013 after musical stints with several other area bands,” commented Andy.

Brian Beatty – Drums
Brian joined Big Daddy MoJo as the drummer at the same time as Andy McHone. “As a native of Yadkinville, NC, I, like my band mates, grew up playing music, taking up the drums at age 13. I have been part of the western North Carolina music scene with various acts for 14 years. As a band, we feed off of the audience’s energy, like most bands do and we have as much fun as our fans do during our performance. Our shows are typically very interactive and super playful, full of joking and laughs,” Brian said.

Big Daddy MoJo performs cover tunes ranging from R&B to classic rock to blues and even some funk and pop, and they have a good philosophy on the venues the play. “We will play for anyone that will sit still long enough for us to set up our gear. Over the years we have played nightclubs, festivals, restaurants, bars, weddings, private parties, corporate functions and reunions. Soulfulness infuses everything we play. The music we choose to cover is very atypical of the standard set lists of most cover bands. We do a lot of ‘B sides’ with tons of energy and we put our own spin on them,” stated Brett. After seeing the band one time, you get a feel for the artists who have influenced the group.

“Our sound is influenced by artists like Albert King, Freddie King, B.B. King, Rodney King, Billie Jean King and anyone else with the last name ‘King’,” Brett said jokingly. “Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Al Green, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye and Carlos Santana are musicians that we all respect and enjoy sharing the music they did to our audiences. With our performances for 2015 we are off to a great start with several festivals and city celebrations booked, including Lewisville’s Fourth of July Celebration, the Yadkin County Harvest Festival and the Summer Concert Series. We also plan on returning to the studio this year to record our second album of uniquely danceable music. Our set list will most likely morph to reflect this as the year progresses. Our one and only CD is a 9 track recording titled ‘Mo Needs Bananas.’ As in years past, Big Daddy MoJo looks forward to continue sharing our music and having a good time with our audiences,” Brett commented.
For more information on Big Daddy MoJo, visit www.facebook.com/BigDaddyMojo.