Local Vocals: Shane Key

114-ShaneKeyPic1-ResizedMusic has literally been a part of High Point, NC native Shane Key’s life since before he can remember. “My mom and dad were part of a band that travelled to local high schools, prisons, coffee shops and churches singing Christian rock in the late ‘70s when I was born, so they brought me along and I was exposed to live music very early. I learned to sing before I could talk, so they say, and I absolutely loved the drums. The drummer in the band, Gary Boyles, would sit me on his lap and let me bang on his drums…I called him ‘Mr. Boom-Boom,’” recalled Shane. It was those very early experiences that Shane credits with his love of performing today.

“When I was about 10, I started learning how to play the drums in earnest with the help of my dad and also started piano lessons. A few friends from church and I started a band when I was in the 6th grade. We played very few gigs locally, but a highlight was getting to play at the grand opening of High Point’s first Wal-Mart. My passion for music was so great that I began learning how to play guitar and bass on my own. I continued to play throughout high school and decided to pursue music in college. I ended up double-majoring in music and business. Since then, I have been self-employed, teaching private music lessons and performing all I can!” Shane said. Performing two to four nights a week, in different types of venues, there isn’t much Shane can’t sing, from classic rock, to blues, to country, covering a wide range of genres.

“The songs I perform are really a mix of everything. Because I mostly play covers, I like to pick songs from all over the map and surprise people. I appreciate all the great bands, especially The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles and artists like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and the list goes on. I also get a thrill from discovering new music and incorporating it into my sets,” Shane stated.

114-ShanePoster-Resized“When I started playing solo in 2006, I just played the music I enjoyed and the response was positive. I first heard The Avett Brothers on a mix CD that a friend gave me and as I fell in love with their music, I picked up a technique they use: stomping a bass drum while singing and playing a guitar. I then got interested in looping, where you play or sing or beat-box into a foot-controlled recorder that allows me to layer parts together to create the sound of an entire band! It’s fun and challenging to me while being very entertaining to watch and listen to as well,” commented Shane. From the audience standpoint, what makes Shane’s music so enjoyable is that he really can sing any genre and do it well!



For more information on Shane Key and his upcoming performances, email him at c.shanekey@gmail.com. To check on scheduling Shane for your next event, call (336) 991-8676.