Local Vocals: So Glad

For the band members of So Glad, the best part of performing and the one thing that truly makes them ‘so glad’ to do what they do is their audience. “To us, the audience is the most essential part of our performance,” said Glad Douse, lead and backup vocals for So Glad. “We love the smiles, the laughter, the dancing and the energy they give back to us. When a band is putting out all that musical energy, and we always give 100%, you have to get some back. Our So Glad crowds always come through! I use a wireless microphone and spend part of every gig out in the crowd giving the audience the experience of an up-close and personal performance. It’s so much fun to watch them watch us!” Not only do the members of So Glad share a love for their audience, but they share an early love of music.

Glad and Dave Douse

This married duo have been in bands together for the past 25 years and Glad says that marrying a musician was the best thing she’s ever done in her life. “I grew up in a Vermont family of musicians with both parents playing instruments and singing,” Glad commented. “I started singing as soon as I could talk. Dave and I met in a band in high school and after graduation we lost track of each other. A little less than 20 years later we met up serendipitously and immediately put a band together. This time I convinced him to marry me so I would always have my guitar/keyboardist by my side!”

Dave and Glad have lived in this area since 2003. “After visiting our second newborn grandchild in King, NC, we decided that mild winters and grandbabies were good reasons to retire to this area,” said Glad. Dave owns Dave’s Guitar and Amp Repair, and has become an essential part of the musical community in Forsyth County by keeping multiple musicians’ keyboards and amplification equipment in excellent repair.

Shannon Kerr

Raised in a house with classical, soul, jazz, rock ‘n roll and even disco, it was a foregone conclusion that Shannon would be a musician. Beginning with clarinet in a middle school band, Shannon moved to drums and percussion by his sophomore year of high school. After college and ten years of teaching percussion, Shannon now plays drums with So Glad. Shannon’s philosophy on music is, “I don’t care what it is, as long as you can dance to it!”

Ken Simonds

Ken picked up the bass at age 16, but didn’t venture out to play until he was 31. Enjoying every aspect of music is what this self-professed gear head and tone fanatic lives for, from playing gigs to recording a wide variety of styles, including rock, country, blues folk, pop, jazz and Motown. “Ken’s arsenal features nice amps, vintage and boutique basses, including 4’s, 5’s and even a fretless 6 string. He’s always there to lay down solid grooves to enhance our band’s sound,” stated Glad.

Paul Douse

With a sound that has been described as smoky and sultry, Paul not only sings, but plays rock and blues lead and rhythm guitar with his own fabulous style. Majoring in music education in college, Paul writes and arranges his own material and has extensively toured with and fronted his own band for years. “Paul displays a fantastic live-show attitude and readily shows his musical soul on stage,” Glad said.

So Glad covers classic and semi-current rock and blues, with female vocalists prevailing. “Along with Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge tunes, we cover some Blondie, Beatles, BB King and Janis Joplin, to mention a few. No matter what we are playing and singing, we make sure the audience has the best musical experience possible,” Glad commented.

You can catch So Glad at local restaurants and clubs, and book them for private parties. For more information on So Glad and upcoming events, visit www.sogladband.com and ‘like’ them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/so.glad, or call 336-985-4953 for further info.