Local Vocals: The Deluge

The Deluge describes themselves as ‘An amalgam from start to finish, Roots meets Soul in the House of the Rising Sun.’ Their self-description continues with ‘a whirling dervish of a band that possesses a kinetic energy in their live show that will leave audiences swooning long afterwards….Blending roots, rock and soul, The Deluge’s unique sound captures the essence of many musical styles.’ Well, if that doesn’t get you interested in seeing these guys in concert, then maybe knowing a little about their personal backgrounds will!

114-LocalVocalBrandon-SFW Brandon Knox-Singer/Songwriter & Harmonica
A Winston-Salem, NC native, Brandon Knox credits his musical influences to Darrel Scott and hearing his album Theater of the Unheard for the first time. “I knew when I heard Theater of the Unheard that I wanted to write music that was both reflective and personal. It was through Scott’s music that I began to pay attention to the story spinning and poignant themes that happen in American and Folk music. It was also an added bonus that the dude could croon like no other. Chris (Lord) and I originally started the band for playing gypsy jazz versions of Steely Dan songs. That all changed when we began writing songs of our own. We have since written material that covers many genres, but if we had to put a bow on it, I would say it’s a mixture of roots, rock and soul,” said Brandon.

114-LocalVocalChris-SFWChristopher Lord-Guitar/Keys/Vocals
This almost Kernersville-native moved to the area at a young age after being born in Detroit, MI, and has been here for 28 years. He started playing the piano in church. “I’ve been in love with music for what seems to be my entire life. My music has its roots in the church where I played the piano and then I started playing the guitar when I was 13. Around age 18, I began playing in local bands. Brandon (Knox) and I have been writing and playing music together since we were teenagers and then in 2009 we formed The Deluge,” Chris commented.

114-LocalVocalGeorge-SFWGeorge Westberry-Bass/Vocals
Having lived all over the country, but being originally from Florida, George Westberry has been in the Triad area since 1994, with family ties here. George began his performing live at 17, traveling all over the country in a variety of bands, playing different styles of music, from heavy metal to country. “I had been in bands with Brandon and Chris in the past and in 2012 Brandon called and asked me to join The Deluge while we were recording ‘Elephant Graveyard,’ our second CD; our first CD, ‘Cryin’ on the Vine,’ was released in 2010. Our sound is a mixture of Americana and Southern Soul and there’s nothing like sharing the moment and the energy with the audience,” George stated.

The Deluge plays regionally throughout North Carolina, including at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem and Wilmington, The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, and The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh. “Our favorite place to play is High Rock Outfitters in Lexington, NC – folks go there for the sole purpose of seeing a live show. Having the opportunity to perform songs we’ve written in front of people is the reason we do what we do. Being able to relate to someone in an intimate listening setting is an amazing feeling. We love to play a fun energetic show, but we also like dialing it back and playing a dirge every now and then. We have in the works expansion of our series of live videos, The Levee Sessions, to include local friends and favorite musicians and songwriters, because there are tons of great players and songwriters in this area. We are also planning on writing and recording a new album soon, so stay tuned!” said Brandon.


For more information on The Deluge, visit www.thedelugenc.com and you can follow the band on Twitter, Facebook and Reverb Nation. Both albums are available on the band’s website and through iTunes; a live CD and DVD are also available on the website, too.