How to Make Your Guest Room Ready for Guests!


Go the extra mile when hosting family and friends in your home for an overnight stay and make them feel extra welcome with just a few inexpensive but special touches. You can make your guest room such an oasis that you may even want to move in there!

Whenever I am hosting someone for an overnight stay, I do the minimum of making meals, making sure everything is clean and getting everything organized. Let’s be honest, most of us do a mad-dash clean before anyone comes over to our homes. If you aren’t doing this and your home is always clean and pristine, then props go to you. However, this just isn’t attainable for me, my hubs and my 2 very furry dogs.

There are several things you can do to make your guests feel super happy and at home in your guest room. Here they are:

  1. Put something in their room that they love. For example, when my best friend comes to stay with me, I run over to Whole Foods and get her favorite chocolate and granola bars. She loves coming in to her guest room and seeing those goodies all laid out for her on the dresser.
  2. Provide them with bottled water. Sometimes our guests may get thirsty in the middle of the night and feel uncomfortable coming down in their pajamas to get some water. Make it easy peasy by providing them with water in their room.
  3. Add some candles. These candles do not need to be lit when they get there but the addition of candles and an amazing scent definitely makes a guest room feel luxurious. Make sure you choose a scent that is universally friendly and not too overpowering. For example, I usually go with a “fresh linen” or “cucumber” candle that is more spa-like instead of flowery.
  4. Write down the wireless internet username and password. Chances are, your guests are going to want to get on their phones at some point. Make it extra convenient for them by framing the username and password of your wireless internet in a cute frame and placing it on the guest room bedside table.
  5. In the bathroom, provide your guests with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I usually save my little toiletries from hotel rooms (yes, I am that girl), for this very purpose. Sometimes people forget to bring their shampoo and if it’s only for one night they just need a little sample size.
  6. Place books, bibles and/or devotionals in the guest room. Perhaps your guests would like to try and read something new because you put it on their bedside table. It adds a thoughtful and loving gesture to that space.
  7. This may seem obvious, but check the lamps and lighting in your guest room. I know I do not spend much time in my guest room, so if a light bulb goes out, I will be the last to know about it. Before my guests come over, I do a quick check in the bedrooms to make sure the lamps are working and there is no need for a lightbulb change.
  8. Provide extra blankets either at the foot of the bed or in the closet. Some of your guests may be more cold natured than others and blankets will help make them comfortable.
  9. Make sure there is plenty of room in the closet. I am guilty of taking up every single square inch of closet space, so I am working on this daily. Try to provide enough room in the closet for their shoes and clothes.