Making Time for Yourself

Life is crazy with busy schedules, unexpected events and the hassle of everyday living. It can be hard to carve out an hour or two for anything, but it’s harder to set time just for you. You might feel guilty and that you are taking away the time needed for something else. It’s important to convince yourself that you are important, just like that load of laundry or making dinner. To be the best you and the best person for your family and friends, a person needs to have alone time.

First, block out time in your schedule and designate it as your “me-time.” If possible, treat it as an appointment, and set aside the same hour and same day every week. If you only have 5-10 minutes, you can listen to music, pet your pet or go outside. Have a little bit longer?

  1. Whether it’s going for a walk, a bike ride or doing an aerobic workout in your living room, exercising helps you feel better about yourself. Being active lowers your stress level and supports your physical and mental health. Yoga and Pilates are two good workouts for your “me-time.”
  1. Now, you can read the book you always said you would but never got around to. Keep puzzle books, magazines, etc. nearby to quickly grab and escape from the real world.
  1. Make your favorite meal or snack for yourself and don’t care if the rest of the family likes it. Or, try a new recipe from Pinterest or online. Over time, you might surprise yourself with your newly acquired culinary skills and palate.
  1. Medical professionals recommend getting eight hours of sleep per night, but, truthfully, how often does that happen? Catch some extra snoozes with no distractions. Darken the room, and set your alarm for a 20-minute nap.
  1. If you are like me, there is no better feeling than having a fresh facial or mani/pedi. Going to the spa is a great way to pamper yourself with a massage or new hair color and style. However, if your budget doesn’t fit the spa atmosphere, have a DIY spa day at home by looking online for recipes using ingredients found in your kitchen. Start out with taking a bath and then lathering up with your favorite lotion. End the time with a mani/pedi and facial.
  1. Get in some retail therapy, and go on a shopping spree for yourself or others. Leisurely shop at your favorite stores, or try out new ones.
  1. You know that wine and painting class you always wanted to take? Now is the time. Gather a group of friends, and make it a girls’ night out or attend a class by yourself. There are tons of different activities to choose from, including a workout class, painting, acting, dancing, etc. Choose the one that best fits your interests and that you will enjoy while learning something new.
  1. Chat with a friend on the phone or stop by for a visit. Coffee shops, restaurants or ice cream shops are ideal places to catch up.
  1. We all have movies we like and others don’t. Use your two hours of “me-time” to watch your favorite film or one you’ve been waiting to see. This can be done either at home or by going to the movie theater.
  1. Spend time with your pets and relax. Take them on a walk or play a game with them. Also, there is nothing wrong with curling up on the couch and snuggling with your furry friends.
  1. Go outside, whether you are gardening, walking or visiting a park, and soak up some sunshine. Enjoy a breath of fresh air while you are at it.
  1. “Me-time” is always a good way to get in touch with your creative side. Take the time to paint, sew or putter around your house completing small projects.

Setting aside your “me-time” and being faithful to it will help you become a better, happier and less stressed person. In return, the better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll be able to take care of your loved ones.